Nadia from Indian Matchmaking has fans feeling 'sad' for both her and Shekar


Nadia from Indian Matchmaking has fans feeling 'sad' for both her and Shekar

Netflix viewers first met Nadia Jagessar when she appeared on Indian Matchmaking season 1. The first season of the show premiered in 2020 and saw a variety of singletons seeking the help of Sima Taparia – Mumbai’s leading matchmaker. While Sima is based in India, she travels the world helping people find the perfect partner and she headed to the USA to work her magic with Nadia in season 1.

Fans have been following Nadia’s journey on Indian Matchmaking since 2020 and many have taken to Twitter to comment on her dates and decisions on the show. Nadia, along with Aparna and Pradhyuman, are Indian Matchmaking OGs as they all returned for season 2 in 2022. So, let’s find out more about her and where she is now.

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Who is Nadia Jagessar?

Nadia Jagessar was born in Denville, New Jersey in 1987.

She’s Hindu and her parents were raised in Guyana.

Nadia is 5 ft 9, so right from season 1, she was looking for a man taller than her.

She’s now 35 years old and worked as a marketing executive at a beauty company as well as running her own wedding planning business when she first appeared on Indian Matchmaking.

Nadia from Indian Matchmaking didn’t get married

During Indian Matchmaking season 1, Nadia went on dates with Ravi Guru Singh, Vinay Chadha and Shekar Jayaraman.

Some fans were rooting for Shekar and Nadia to go the distance but never got to see what happened between the two during season 1.

Shekar is a Chicago-based attorney with his own law firm. He can be found on Instagram @shekarjayaraman_ with over 17K followers.

The Indian Matchmaking star now

Indian Matchmaking fans were left on a cliffhanger when it came to Skehar and Nadia. However, they’re both on season 2 and things continue between the pair. She also dates someone new called Vishal during season 2.

Many fans of the show have taken to Twitter to express their thoughts over Nadia’s journey. One tweeted that they felt “sad” for Nadia and Shekar.

Nadia is still running her business, Euphoria Events, in 2022. And she’s also working as a fragrance marketer for Givaudan.

She lives in New Jersey and writes in her IG bio that she’s a dog mom to pup Millie.

Follow Nadia on Instagram where she has over 95K followers @nadiajagessar.



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