We all know that in the world of reality TV, dating shows are at the top of the pyramid. 

Whether its that the drama tends to be juicier when relationships are involved, or that we’re actually all romantics at heart, something draws viewers back to dating shows again and again.

As there are so many dating series out there, Netflix has taken it upon themselves to expand the genre from the typical ‘couple chooses one another based on physical appearance’ format. Instead, they have given us the likes of Love Is Blind and Too Hot to Handle. Both shows challenged the participants’ preconceived notions of a relationship in very different ways. Through challenging premises, they sought to find out whether love could overcome any obstacle. For some couples, it really worked!

Hoping to continue the tradition of successful pairings is Netflix’s latest dating show venture, Indian Matchmaking. The show is overseen by superstar matchmaker Sima Taparia, who has decades of experience in the business.

Hoping to find herself a perfect match on Indian Matchmaking is Nadia Jagessar. We thought it best to find out more about Nadia, including whether her relationship has worked out. So, if it wasn’t clear, there are some *spoilers* from Indian Matchmaking season 1.

Pictured: Nadia
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Season 1, Episode 2 “Just Find Me Someone!”

Who is Nadia Jagessar?

Nadia Jagessar is an event planner from New Jersey. Unlike the other cast members, Nadia is not just of Indian heritage, but Guyanese, Indian, and American.

Nadia runs her own event management company called Euphoria. She also works as a marketer for Givaudan.

On Indian Matchmaking, Sima first paired Nadia up with Ravi Guru Singh, a Guyanese-Indian-American just like her. However, there was no spark. Her second match, Vinay Chadha, was equally unsuccessful – he stood Nadia up twice! Sima’s final match for Nadia was Shekar Jayaraman, although she had initially paired Shekar with her other client Aparna.

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Are Nadia and Shekar still together?

Things looked positive for Nadia and Shekar. The pairing both had similar ambitions and goals in life, making them well suited to one another. The conversation continued to flow and it looked like Sima was on to a winner with this couple.

However, it is unclear whether things have worked out for Nadia and Shekar. Neither follow each other on social media, and there are definitely no Instagram snaps of the two together. This may be misleading, as we found out with the Love Is Blind cast: the LIB cast did not follow one another on Instagram and removed all traces of partner’s presence while the show aired. Even the couples who were married did not follow one another!

While that might give you hope that things worked out for Nadia and Shekar, the big giveaway is that they both still live in their home cities. Nadia still lives in New Jersey while Shekar is based in Chicago. They have also kept the same jobs, meaning things haven’t changed too drastically in their lives since filming the show.

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