Nadine Lee recently appeared on Netflix’s Singles Inferno season 2, when she mentioned the word ‘ROTC’. Many viewers were left utterly confused about the mention but Reality Titbit can reveal it’s related to a program.

Just like Kim Jin-young, who Nadine had a romance with on the series – but not quite strong enough for him to say no to Shin Seul-ki – she isn’t just a reality TV star but was part of the Korean military in previous years.

Now an excelling Harvard student, Nadine spoke of her time in the ROTC when Jin-young opened up about his own history in the military. Let’s find out more about exactly what it means in Korea.

Netflix fans react to Nadine’s ROTC past

When Nadine used the unknown phrase ROTC, Singles Inferno fans began to ask each other exactly what it stands for. It comes after Jin-young used the word ‘UDT‘, leaving viewers confused about what it means in the army.

UDT’s meaning is the underwater demolition team in the ROKN UDT/seal team in the Korea military. It is essentially a nickname for Republic of Korea Navy Special Warfare Flotilla and known as an elite special-purpose force.

Now, there’s another phrase everyone’s asking about. One shocked viewer took to Twitter to document their reaction to her ROTC mention: “Nadine did NOT just compare serving the military to ROTC.”

“Lee Nadine was a YG trainee, joined ROTC, is a pre-med student at Harvard University, and majoring both Neuroscience and Computer Science. Yup, this girl is THE standard. No one in that show deserves her,” penned a fan.

ROTC meaning in Korea

ROTC in Korea means Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. In South Korea, it is a college-based officer training program which was established in 1961. South Korea’s Conscription Law applies to males between 18 and 35.

However, women are allowed to enrol in the ROTC as of 2010. Although the training program saw Nadine relate it to being in the military, many fans don’t agree that it is anything like being in the army like Jin-young.

Nadine talks military on Singles Inferno

Nadine revealed that she served in the ROTC military for one year. She shared on Instagram that she is “proud to be an airman” where she was “exposed to a completely new lifestyle, community and sense of duty.”

It was back in 2019 when Nadine completed her military year. She wore the uniform while serving but it was only for a brief time in her life. Now, she’s training medical at the prestigious university of Harvard!



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