Nailed It! returns for its fourth season on Netflix from Wednesday, April 1st, proving it is still one of the most ridiculous and wacky competitions about.

Each season, competitors who are far from skilled in the baking department, take on a series of themed challenges with some pretty hilarious results. But the real kicker is that there is a lot at stake in this competition; when we say a lot, we mean $10,000 worth a lot.

So given the immense popularity of Nailed It!, many are wondering if the show will return for another season, and if it does, how to apply. Find out here!

Nailed It! S4 E5 – Netflix

Will there be Nailed It! season 5?

In short, yes!

Although Netflix has not released any details about the next series of Nailed It!, they have started the casting process for an upcoming season.

Now, whether that is for Nailed It! season 5 or for a third season of Nailed It! Holiday, we still don’t know. But it means Nailed It! will definitely be returning to our screens another time!


How to apply for Nailed It!

Casting is currently underway for the coming season of Nailed It!

You can check out the casting page here. Or you can just head straight to the application.

Email any questions you have to [email protected]

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Nailed It! casting requirements

First, you will need to be older than 18 to apply for Nailed It! when you apply. You will also need to be a legal US resident, or at least have a Visa/waiver which will last through to December 2020 to enable you to legally participate. So, it is likely that filming will wrap up before the end of the this year then.

Also required in the application is photos and videos of your baking ability.

The video you submit should also show off your personality, as they mention that: “If you’re not having fun, we probably won’t have fun watching you bake.”