Netflix has launched new series A Queen is Born, which sees two hosts – including drag queen Alexia Twister – prepare six artists for the stage.

The Brazilian series takes us into the world of drag, as Alexia and co-host Gloria Grooves help the artists build up their confidence.

As part of the makeover show, the duo use their own experience to support the budding drag queens, helping them bring sass into their performances.

While Gloria is widely known in the drag race world, fans want to know more about Alexia Twister. So who is she? We found her on Instagram!

Alexia Twister and Gloria Groove, Queen is Born. Picture: Vanessa Bumbeers / Netflix

Meet Alexia Twister

Alexia, from São Paulo, Brazil, is a drag queen, actor and dancer.

She is best-known for her roles in romance series Romeu & Romeu in 2016, and reality tv show Drag Me as a Queen in 2017.

The Netflix star began her career in 1996, having spent years studying dance and theatre.

After entering several competitions, Alexia was discovered by Blue Space nightclub in Sao Paulo, where she works now.

Where else have we seen Alexia Twister?

If you’re a Lady Gaga fan, you might remember Alexia being mentioned in one of her tweets in 2013.

The drag star recreated Lady Gaga’s 2013 VMAs Applause performance – but she put her own twist on the costume changes and choreography involved.

Alexia on Instagram

She has more than 53,000 followers on the social media platform.

Alexia has many different make-up and hair looks, such as classy, candyfloss hair, green hair, cabaret, and more.

Of course, her followers are able to see the looks for themselves!

The Netflix star can also be found on Youtube, where she has over 2,700 subscribers. She started her journey on the platform in 2018.



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