Mind Your Manners on Netflix sees Sara Jane Ho teach etiquette do’s and don’ts. Many are wondering if her politeness has led to her finding a husband, but she tends to keep her love life private, and isn’t married.

There’s no ring on Sara’s finger, but she certainly knows whether to raise a pinky or not at afternoon tea. Her work involves educating and empowering Chinese ladies on how to present themselves in the best way possible.

She’s usually kept busy teaching etiquette classes, and does not currently have a boyfriend. The last time she spoke of a potential partner was when her then-boyfriend broke up with her in 2007, as told to Financial Times.

Sara Jane Ho wears pink dress and talks to three ladies sitting down.
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Sara Jane Ho is not married

Sara does not have a husband or boyfriend. There is not any signs of a romantic partner on her social media, while her fingers are usually seen bare without any rings to signify a marriage.

She doesn’t just teach Chinese women about etiquette, as several men have been taught by Sara about manners. The Netflix star also advises on how to be an attractive woman, and said:

An attractive woman knows the importance of constantly improving. It’s usually through trial and error and learning because none of us are perfect. And when she amounts to the best version of herself a quality guy or girl will be right there next to her even more proud.

Although she’s single, Sara advises her followers on what to call their lover in Chinese: portable charger, little biscuit or little cabbage. The Mind Your Manners host does not have any children but is a godmother to a young girl and boy.

She spoke of ex-boyfriend in 2007

Sara revealed that a boyfriend she had in 2007 broke up with her that year, when she went through a bad time. She told Financial Times that her mother also passed away and she hated her New York job in investment banking.

That same year, she had bought an oval sapphire and diamond ring. The sapphire, which was so dark it almost looked like onyx, did not leave her finger for the next month or two. Sara was then told that wearing the gem brings change.

It is the only time Sara has been open about her own love life, but gives online dating tips on Mind Your Manners, as well as helps cast member William to do an eye contact exercise in a room full of women.

Mind Your Manners host puts etiquette first

Sara is the owner of Institute Sarita, a finishing school headquartered in Beijing, China, which opened in May 2013. Then in May 2015, she opened a second school in Shanghai and has continued to teach classes ever since.

She studied English literature at Georgetown University where she currently sits on the College Board and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. Now, she devotes her career to teaching Chinese women.

The Netflix host is “happiest” when she is teaching etiquette classes in China. She wrote on Instagram: “Friends ask why I’m still living in China. Well, because it is my home country, my business is here, and I believe things will get better.”



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