Netflix: Is Car Masters Rust to Riches fake? Season 3 explored!

Netflix: Is Car Masters Rust to Riches fake? Season 3 explored!

Car Masters: Rust to Riches is a reality Netflix series about Mark Towle and his crew of automotive experts. Some people wonder if it’s fake.

They restore old vehicles to sell for a huge profit. With the show being hugely successful, the talents of the crew at Gotham Garage have been brought under intense scrutiny by eagle-eyed viewers.

Fans have questioned how capable the cast members really are, and wonder whether any of the events on the show are actually real.

If you want to know how much of Car Masters: Rust to Riches is real, Reality Titbit has all the details on whether the garage is an actual repair shop.

Is Car Masters: Rust to Riches fake?

  • No, it is completely real

In the show, Mark Towle and his crew mostly work on renovating old cars and other vehicles that are rusted and badly damaged.

The auto repair shop’s main purpose is to build custom automotive creations from movies, TV, and clients’ imagination.

Some fans have previously been unsure if the garage was actually a real shop, but it most definitely is, and isn’t made up for TV purposes.

Does the cast work at Gotham Garage?

  • Yes, some cast members like Mark Towle work there

Shawn Pilot, who serves as the negotiator for the crew, has been known to have a few acting jobs on his resume.

Therefore, fans have been left wondering whether his ‘negotiations’ are scripted! While this is most likely to be the case, there is no evidence of this.

Interestingly, we noticed that some of the cast members are credited as the ‘Build Team’, which is a major hint that the crew may not be solely responsible for the restorations.

It is also a frequent occurrence on the show that $40,000 investments are made with a brief, funny conversation on the garage floor, which places doubt into the viewers’ minds about whether the show is scripted.

Although it seems like the crew are very knowledgeable about vehicle restoration, are their skills too good to believe?

Take the episode where the Gotham Garage crew customise a 73 Pinto and turn it into an electric dragster. This was an extremely difficult and time-consuming restoration, but the show made it look easy.

Does Constance Nunes really work there?

Constance Nunes is the only woman in the crew of Car Masters: Rust to Riches, and she is the engine specialist at Gotham Garage.

Fans who have tuned in to the show have grown to love her no-nonsense attitude, and not only that she is also an extremely talented mechanic.

However, she also works as a model, which led viewers to wonder what time does she have to do these massive restorations.

Looking at her Instagram though, she really does work at the garage!

Our verdict on Car Masters: Real or fake?

  • While the garage is real, and some of the staff, there are likely to be parts that are done for TV purposes

All things considered, we cannot confirm whether the show is real or fake.

Like any good reality show, Car Masters: Rust to Riches has some elements of truth in it and some fictional aspects.

Some parts may be made-up or enhanced for dramatic effect. Either way, it is still an interesting watch!



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