This year has proven one of Netflix’s strongest in years. They have churned out more original content than one could ever have predicted and in one particular TV area, they have grown from strength to strength: design series.

Throughout 2019, Netflix has introduced viewers to the full and varied world of design, from the second season of Abstract: The Art of Design to Styling Hollywood’s glitzy, glamorous world.

And now, they are back with another stellar docu-series.

No Time for Shame, a six-part series following Argentinian fashion designer Santiago Artemis landed on the UK streaming site on Tuesday, November 19th. So, who is Santiago? Find out more about the star of the show here!

Screenshot: No Time for Shame S1 E1 – Netflix

Who is Santiago?

Santiago Artemis is a 28-year-old fashion designer living and working in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was born on September 7th, 1991 in Ushuaia. In episode 1 of the show, Santiago says:

I come from a very particular city because it’s the southernmost city. It’s literally the end of the world. And it built up my personality and my character.

Santiago got his start in the industry studying at Escuela Argentina de Mod in the country’s capital.

Following this, Santiago honed his craft at FADU, which is the architecture and design faculty of the University of Buenos Aires. Here he studied pattern-making and pattern development.

Since graduating, Santiago has come to be known as one of the country’s most exciting designers to watch, thanks to his luxurious and experimental style. He has won both the FACIF International Fur Contest and SAGA Furs Scandinavia back in 2015.

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Santiago on No Time for Shame

In the brand new six-part Netflix series, viewers get an intimate look at Santiago’s life.


Not only do we see first-hand how his business operates and how he channels his creativity, but we get to see everything about his love life, his mental health and his friendships.

No Time for Shame also focusses on Santiago’s current partner, Luis and his best friend, Pablo. Celebrity guests are also featured, who are recruiting Santiago for his sartorial designs, such as Argentinian popstar, Angela Torres in episode 1.

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Screenshot: (L-R) Pablo and Luis in No Time for Shame S1 E1 – Netflix

Follow Santiago on social media

If you loved Santiago on No Time for Shame and want to keep up to date with his every move, then the best place to follow him is on Instagram.

He has over 222,000 followers already, which we’re sure will increase after his own Netflix series has been released.

Check him out @santiagoartemis to see all his latest looks, trends and more about what he’s up to in his personal life. You can also follow him on Twitter for updates here.




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