Netflix have created several successful sports docuseries over the years. From QB1: Beyond the Lights and Last Chance U, to their latest releases such as Basketball or Nothing, they’ve nailed the format and have gained millions of fans for each show.

Now, they’ve branched out to the lesser-explored, but nonetheless brutal and exhilarating world of competitive cheerleading.

The documentary series follows the Navarro College cheer squad on their journey to become National Champions at Daytona, the pinnacle of the competitive cheering world.

So, let’s get to know these incredible athletes better. We’ve found the Cheer cast on Instagram!

Screenshot: Lexi in Cheer S1 E1 – Netflix

Cheer on Netflix: Cast

Although Cheer explores the lives and backgrounds of many team mates, there are a few core cast members that they focus on.

Here are some of the key players…

  • Monica Aldama – Head Coach
  • Gabi Butler
  • Lexi Brumback
  • Morgan Simianer
  • La’Darius Marshall
  • Jeremiah “Jerry” Harris
  • Allie Ross

Meet the Cheer cast on Instagram

Lexi Brumback

As one of the best tumblers, Lexi was an integral part of helping the Navarro squad to victory.

Although things did not work out for Lexi after Daytona – no spoilers! – she seems to be well from what we can see from Lexi’s Instagram. Check her out @lexisbrumback.

View this post on Instagram

Gosh I miss Daytona

A post shared by Lexi Brumback (@lexisbrumback) on

Morgan Simianer

Throughout filming, Morgan was constantly in competition with the other cheerleaders for a top spot on the mat. Definitely embodying the underdog role, everyone was rooting for Morgan to make it to Daytona!

Morgan has stayed on for a third year at Navarro College, so that she can continue to work with Monica.

Follow Morgan for updates on her cheering progress @morgannlyn.

Gabi Butler

A star in her own right, 21 year old Gabi made her name on YouTube and in an online miniseries called Cheerleaders. Gabi is a real celeb in the cheerleading world, as we learn during the Netflix series, but she is attempting to distance herself from the fame.

Follow Gabi on Instagram @gabibutler1617  where she already has well over half a million followers.

La’Darius Marshall

Definitely the star of the show, La’Darius showed off his charm and OTT personality from the outset of filming.

Although the team love his enthusiasm, it always comes with a pinch of salt, as La’darius is never afraid to speak up or critique his team mates on their technique and ability. La’darius was particularly hard on both Allie.

La’Darius describes himself as a “Cheerleader turned Public Figure” on his Insta, where he now has over 132,200 followers. Check him out @ladarius_marshall17.

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Navarro Dawg Dayz 🐾🐶 #LiveYourBestLife #LiveItUp

A post shared by La’Darius Marshall (@ladarius_marshall17) on

Allie Ross

First-year student Allie Ross was competing with Morgan to become one of the three major flyers at Daytona. However, Allie’s concussions kept getting in the way of her practice. She’d had five before they’d even began filming!

Allie is still at Navarro, currently in her second year. Hopefully if a second season of Cheer heads back to Navarro, Allie and Morgan will be featured!

Follow Allie on IG for updates on the team in 2020 @alross3

Jeremiah “Jerry” Harris

Jerry was one of the most endearing and enthusiastic cheerleaders on the Navarro team. It wasn’t long before Jerry became the fan-favourite of Cheer!

At the end of the series, Jerry received an academic scholarship to his dream school, the University of Louisville. Jerry continues to cheer, however now for a new team.

Check out Jerry @jerry.h.arris.

Follow the rest of the cast…

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Cheer cast on Instagram too. Here are some of the major players’ IG handles.



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