Netflix: Meet The Circle season 3 cast on Instagram

Netflix: Meet The Circle season 3 cast on Instagram

The Circle is back for its third season and we are buzzing!

Fans of the hit show ‘The Circle’ have, well, been running around in circles waiting for the premiere of the new season – but now the wait is almost over. At the end of the season, the player rated the highest by their fellow competitors will stand to win a whopping $100,000 grand.

Read on to find out everything to know about ‘The Circle’ season 3 on Netflix, including who will be hosting the show, its surprising filming location and cast details.

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Who will be hosting ‘The Circle’?

Michelle Buteau returns to host the reality show where contestants deliberately deceive each other to get their hands on that massive $ 100,000-pound prize.

She is an American stand-up comedian who narrates each episode. Michelle has starred in a number of TV shows, from Key and Peele to Russian Doll. The New Jersey-born actress has also made appearances in films such as Someone Great and Always Be My Maybe.

Where is The Circle filmed?

Interestingly, Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ is filmed in the same location as the British version – an apartment building in Salford, Manchester.

While skylines of US cities Milwaukee and Chicago are edited into the show, the American contestants are actually living in a block of flats in Manchester.

Meet the cast of season 3 ‘The Circle’

Ruksana Carroll

It’s not the first time you will have seen married mummy, Ruksana Caroll on TV. She previously competed with her husband and parents on Family Feud. She brags that she can “hop up on a speaker at a club and dance.” She sounds like the life of the party and we cannot wait to see what she brings to ‘The Circle’.

Nick Uhlenhuth

Nick is from Seattle. He sings, cosplays with his French bulldog and plays lacrosse. Sounds like the full package.

Follow Nick on Insta under @nickuhlenhuth.

Calvin Kiing Crooks

Private chef Calvin definitely knows how to turn up the heat. The personal trainer and vegetarian nutritionist says he looks his best with his shirt off and even used to play professional.

Follow the sexy chef on Instagram under @kiingcrooks.

Michelle Rider

Comedian Michelle ‘Shelly Belly’ Rider loves TikTok videos and has got millions of views on social media for her hilarious hijinks. The 52-year-old South Carolina star may be one step ahead of her competitors’ thanks to her time in the limelight… but we will have to wait and see.

Follow Michelle on TikTok under @shellybellycomedy.

Kai Ghost

Kai Ghost is an R&B and Trap singer based in Los Angeles and she describes herself as having “invitation-only type energy” according to her Insta bio. She graduated from the Nashville School of Arts and can be aggressively transparent without taking into account the feelings of others. Seems like is definitely going to bring drama to our screens and we cannot wait.

Follow Kai on Instagram under @kaighost.

Daniel Cusimano

Daniel Cusimano is a Florida-based musical theatre star and he recently revealed on Instagram that he is “just tryna be an influencer”. It seems he is certainly on his way to doing so as Daniel won Best Outstanding Actor in a play from Broadway Star of the Future in 2019.

Follow Danny boy on Instagram under @daniel_cusimano.

Ava Marie Capra and Chanel Marie Capra

Sisters Chanel and Ava Marie Capra have joined the circle to play the game together. Model influencer Ava boasts over 227k Instagram followers and also dabbles in singing and acting. While Chanel is the co-founder of Bella Mafia Entertainment.

Follow Chanel and Ava Marie Capra on Instagram under @avacapra.

Matthew Pappadia

Fitness coach, Matt Pappadia loves getting his chiselled abs out on the ‘gram. His bio reads “God, Gains, & Gratitude. Islander. Baby vegan” and he has graced even graced the cover of WIRE Mag.

Follow Matthew on Instagram under @mattpappadia.



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