Netflix: Meet the cast of Sugar Rush season 2 - We found them on Instagram!

Sugar Rush is the ultimate test for bakers across America, putting their baking skills to the test in three rounds while the clock counts down.

Whoever’s the speediest gets the best chance of winning the $10,000 prize!

Each episode sees host Hunter March and the expert baker judges Candace Nelson and Adriano Zumbo critique four pairs of bakers on their creations. So who are the bakers taking on the challenge this time around?

We’ve found all of the Sugar Rush season 2 cast of Instagram so you can keep up to date with all of their latest sweet endeavours!

Screenshot: Sugar Rush S2 E1 – Netflix

Episode 1 – Trending Treats

From sprinkle centres to unicorn cakes and candy tacos, this round made viewers everywhere drool over their Insta-worthy creations.

Amy and Jenn went out in the first round despite their impressive geode cupcakes. Jenn works at Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe in Hopkins, Minnesota. You can follow Amy on her personal Instagram @amycbrace or her business account @amyscupcakeshoppe.

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Then, Roxanna and Ana from the Dominican Republic were next to be eliminated.

Lio and Ashton – an engaged couple – impressed with their baking skills. Ashton is the owner of Sugar Daddy’s Cakery in Dallas, Texas. You can follow them on their personal Instas @liobee and @sm.ash_ton or keep up to date with all the best of their baking at @sugardaddyscakery.

But it was Abbia and Shayla who took home the win in the first episode, despite having never baked together before!

Abbia is the owner of Abbia’s Delights, in Houston, Texas. You can follow Abbia’s bakery on Instagram @abbiasdelights.  Shayla owns Buttercreamery Sweets Boutique, which you can follow on Insta @thebuttercreamery.

Episode 2 – Light My Fire

This episode set the challenge of making the lightest and airiest baked goods.

From light flavours and textures to actual lit up desserts, this challenge saw it all!

Rachael and Matt Morris from Denver were some of our favourite competitors. This adorable baking duo is married in real life and has been baking together for the past seven years at their bakery Three Tiers For Cake. You can follow them on Instagram @threetiersforcake.

Kasey and Maria were the winners of this episode and rightly so! They wowed with their skill and finesse in the kitchen.

Kasey is an executive cake decorator while Maria is her sous chef at an events group.

Also in this episode was Jovanna and Estefany, and Tracey and Darline. But the former two were eliminated in the first round, the latter in the second.

Episode 3 – Family That Bakes Together

This family affair saw four teams of bakers who are all related take on the competition.

The McCook siblings wowed in the second season of Sugar Rush and won this episode. Andrew and Sarah McCook are the pastry team for Bancroft and Co. in Peabody, Massachusetts. You can follow Andrew on Insta @blueoxbaker and Sarah @sarahmccookie.

Mother-daughter duo Vicki and Valeria were eliminated in the first round. Vicki is the owner of Patty Cakes in Lexington, Kentucky and roped in mum Valeria to help. You can follow Vicki on Instagram @vickigaver.

Brie and Mariston were another married couple taking on the challenge. They have been married ten years and are the co-owners of Cake Couture Boutique in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Christine and Nick Melikian are the mother-son team who was just shy of taking the win. They are the co-owners of the Shirin Bakery in Tarzana, California. You can follow Nick on Insta @budzink.

Episode 4 – All Things Chocolate

This episode saw four more baking duos take on this chocolate-based challenge.

The winners of this round were Victoria Jeker and Ali Albini. They are best friends and cake decorators from Philidelphia. Victoria’s Insta is @torireds and Ali’s is @apalbini.

Jenniffer White met Kenya Brooks at a bridal fair and the two have been great friends since. Jenniffer is from Georgia and owns Cupdadee bakery, whereas Kenya is from Chattanooga, Tennessee and owns the Yellow Cake Company. You can follow Jenniffer @cupadee and Kenya @yellowcakeco.

Corey and Ashley were eliminated in the first round of the competition. These Washington, D.C. based bakers met at work and have been great friends since.

Carlos and Brittany, two friends from Las Vegas were also eliminated before they got to show off their cake creation.

Episode 5 – Made with Love

This may be the ultimate test for a relationship as four teams of married couples take on this challenge in the hopes of winning $10,000. And this was the closest the competition has ever been, with the winners taking the prize by just a fraction.

Sarah and Cole beat Cyrus and Maggie just, as the guest judges chose their showstopping cake as the winner.

Brazilian couple Gisele and Cris were eliminated from the first round after failing to impress.

Next to be eliminated by a fraction were Junior and Araceli. This couple has been married for twelve years and are parents to 5-year-old Alex.

Episode 6 – Science of Sweets

Prepare to get technical in this round, as they take on a science theme.

Zac Manasan and Corey Thomson have experience working in the high end of the pastry world. Both bakers work at The Ritz-Carlton in Dallas, Texas.

They definitely put their experience to use, winning the $10,000 at the end of the episode, beating Casino pastry chefs Gaby and Mayra just by a fraction of the vote.

You can follow Zac on Instagram @zachary.manasan and Corey @corey.thomson1.

“Rock and Roll Cake Divas” Christy and Shanna were eliminated in the first round, with Brittany and Briana following after them.

Brittany bosses around her co-worker Briana, but there’s no bad blood between these two. Brittany owns Bizzy B Cakes in Albuquerque, New Mexico. You can check out there best cakes on their Insta here!




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