As Shakespeare’s comic heroine Jessica once said in The Merchant of Venice, “Love is blind.” But how true is that statement, really?

Although many of us hapless romantics like to view the Bard as an oracle of romantic wisdom, the concept of blindly falling in love is a tricky one. Particularly as physical attraction, personality and smaller things like bad habits all can seriously affect a relationship.

But streaming giant Netflix is putting this theory to the test with their brand new reality series, Love Is Blind!

So, who are the contestants on Love Is Blind season 1? Get to know the cast here.


Love is Blind season 1: Cast

When the cast members first entered the ‘pod stage’, they stated that there were sixteen participating women and thirteen men.

However, as they were only in the pods for ten out of the thirty-eight days, this phase only lasted for around three episodes. The rest of the episodes focussed on the couples that did form, as they moved their relationship to the next levels.

Here are some of the main cast mates from season 1…

  • Kelly Chase
  • Mark Anthony Cuevas
  • Carlton Morton
  • Amber Pike
  • Damian Powers
  • Cameron Hamilton
  • Lauren Speed
  • Danielle Drouin
  • Jessica Batten
  • Giannina Gibelli
  • Lauren Chamblin (LC)
  • Matt Barnett
  • Diamond Jack
  • Kenny Barnes

Get to know the cast – Kelly

Kelly Chase works full-time as a health and empowerment coach. She created her business ChaseLife in 2013 after finishing her certification as a Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Kelly found love with Kenny on Love Is Blind, but things didn’t go so smoothly when they got to the alter.

Instagram: @chaselifewithkelly


From Mark Anthony Cuevas’ Insta, we sussed out that he works as a personal trainer at Solcioty Fitness in Buckhead.

The 25 year old is originally from Chicago but now lives in Atlanta, after he graduated from Georgia State University.

Instagram: @markanthonycuevas_


Lauren Speed is a producer, director, model and creative from Atlanta, Georgia.

She, along with her hubby Cameron, were undeniably the favourites of the entire show.

Instagram: @need4lspeed


Giannina Gibelli; what would the show be without Giannina Gibelli?

The fiery 25 year old brought all the necessary drama which kept us hooked from the minute she hit it off with Damian Powers. Their rollercoaster of a relationship was one of the most talked about aspects of Love Is Blind!

Follow model and businesswoman Giannina on Instagram @gianninagibelli.


Amber Pike is a 27-year-old former US Army Guard. She found romance with Love Is Blind’s resident ‘eff-boy’, Matt Barnett.

Things actually worked out for the two of them, despite the love square they ended up in and the fact that no viewers thought they could make it!

Instagram: @atypicalamber


Carlton Morton already knows the ins and outs of reality TV as he is a celebrity assistant on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

The 34-year-old also works as a social media manager.

Instagram: @carltonmorton – old account: @mrcouture


Jessica Batten was the object of Mark’s affections, despite their ten year age gap which she would not stop harping on about.

She also had her eye on Amber’s man, Barnett, but fortunately for Amber nothing happened between the two.

Instagram: @jessicabatten24


Three girls fell for 27 year old Matt Barnett on Love Is Blind season 1. He had the charisma to woo all three of them openly, with each vying to be the girl he would propose to.

Check out Barnett on Instagram @barnettisblind.


Diamond Jack had one of the most explosive story arcs on Love Is Blind, as her relationship with Carlton went from one hundred to zero in the blink on an eye, and resulted in one of the series’ most dramatic moments.

Check out Diamond on Instagram @iam_diamondjack.


Damian Powers came to blows with his fiancée Giannina again and again on Love Is Blind.  The 28-year-old works as a general manager at an industrial supply company in Atlanta.

Instagram: @damian__powers


LC – or her actual name, Lauren Chamblin – was one of the favourites of the whole show, despite the fact she did not find love. Instead, she fell for Barnett who fell for Amber, and was left heading home solo.

Check out LC on Instagram to find out more about what she’s up to now @123laurenc

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