Netflix seems to be onto a winning formula of taking hit series and giving them a new lease of life on their streaming service. It worked wonders with Queer Eye when the series landed on Netflix back in 2018 and now it’s happening again with another show: Tiny House Nation.

Tiny House Nation is a show which ran on on FYI for its first four seasons (2014 to 2017). But since it moved to A&E and Netflix, the show’s latest instalment has seen a renewed love emerge for the renovation show.

So who are the presenters of Tiny House Nation and is there anything different about the show since it landed on Netflix? Here’s everything you need to know.

Screenshot: (L-R) John and Zack in Tiny House Nation S5 E1 – Netflix

What is Tiny House Nation?

The show sees TV presenter John Weisbarth and tiny house renovation expert Zack Giffin travel across America helping families who want to build properties in spaces under 500 square feet in what has become a ‘tiny house’ trend.

Nothing about the original format has changed since the show moved networks.

Each episode sees John and Zack travel across the country helping a different family build their dream tiny property.

Zack Giffin

Zack was born in Gold Hill, Colorado and currently lives in Glacier, Washington.

He grew up skiing with his two brothers, Sam and Jeff, who he later made skiing videos with and where he developed his love for TV production. They all became involved with Right On Brother Productions, a film company now headed by Sam.

Zack’s skiing career took off and he has been featured in every major ski publication.

It was his love for skiing that led Zack Giffin to his love of tiny housing. In 2011, Zack built his own tiny house which he uses to travel around in during the winter months, finding the best places to ski. His tiny house is only 112 square foot!

Zack Giffin has an Instagram account where he regularly posts about his latest work. You can follow Zack @zackgiffin. You can also follow him on Twitter here.

John Weisbarth

John is a 43-year-old TV host, sportscaster, actor and writer originally from Jacksonville, Florida.

But John moved to southern California at the age of three and has been living in the Golden State ever since.

John has under a decade of experience working in television and created a number of successful online shows such as Quick Fix before he landed the job as presenter of Tiny House Nation.

You can follow John on his Instagram @johnkweisbarth.