(Un)Well: Netflix fans react to 'Essential Oils' episode - "It's Tiger King levels crazy!"

Netflix recently dropped the six-part docuseries (Un)Well.

Over the last few years, Netflix has invested a lot more in documentary series. From Tiger King to The Last Dance, the streaming giant has brought a range of docuseries for viewers around the globe.

(Un)Well recently premiered on Netflix which is a series that looks at alternative practices and wellness treatments to heal certain conditions.

The first episode focuses purely on the use of essential oils and viewers at home were quick to share their reactions about it.

(Un)Well on Netflix

(Un)Well: ‘Essential Oils’

‘Essential Oils’ looks at a couple of different cases where experts talk about the benefits of essential oils. At the start, we are introduced to the holistic nurse and clinical aromatherapist Amy Quarberg who visited patients at St. John Hospital in Maplewood, Minnesota.

One of the patients had anxiety after surgery and Amy used certain essential oils which she claimed relieves pain. Explaining the benefits of essential oils combined with medications, she claimed:

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“I don’t want to say that essential oils alone is gonna treat that pain that you’re having. But an essential oil in a combination with perhaps something pharmaceutical, that’s not as strong as an opioid, together can enhance each other and improve the effectiveness of a medication.

The first episode also looked at Dr. Eric Zielinski and his wife Sabrina who make tutorials about essential oils. Dr. Z claimed that he has used essential oils to treat different ailments.

While it’s interesting to see the benefits of essential oils for certain conditions such as anxiety, a big part of the episode feels it’s more about the experts, the money they make and their claims about essential oils.

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Essential oils and their benefits

Essential oils have been around for centuries so they are probably not new to some people.

According to Healthline, lavender can help relieve stress, while tea tree is used for infections and to boost immunity. The site adds that rose oil reduces anxiety and chamomile improves mood.

Healthline claims that essential oils are not meant to be swallowed and they are applied to the skin.

For instance, (Un)Well also tells the story of Julie Marshall and her autistic daughter Sarah. They use aromatherapy with essential oils to help Sarah deal with her insomnia.

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People react to ‘Essential Oils’ episode

It’s safe to say that viewers have been left with mixed reactions after watching ‘Essential Oils’. Many have called the episode and claims in it “crazy”.

One viewer said: “I’m watching Unwell on Netflix and….those essential oils people are crazy.”

Someone else added: “hold on — this unwell series on netflix— I didn’t realize people were eating essential oils.”

Check out more reactions down below.



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