Some Netflix users are accusing Snowflake Mountain of being “staged for drama” as the new reality TV show sends the ‘woke’ generation up peaks and blows up their belongings.

A cast of regular phone scrollers headed up a mountain to embrace the wilderness instead of social media. With no internet, home comforts or parents to look after them, it’s a tough trek but they manage to break their habits.

Although there was a whopping cash prize on the line, that wasn’t enough for Olivia and Solomon, who were the only two to walk away from the challenge. And when the show had barely begun, the cast’s belongings were set on fire.

We’ve got the latest on fan reactions to the new series, along with all the clues on whether it could be staged or real.

Some viewers think Snowflake Mountain is ‘staged’

When Snowflake Mountain hit Netflix, some viewers alleged the series was staged and accused the production team of representing it as a reality show while giving cast members scripts. However, this has not been confirmed by the platform.

One fan wrote: “Just finished #SnowflakeMountain. At first I thought it was real, then saw how bad the acting was. This guy [Solomon] I couldn’t figure out and seemed like most [of] his scenes were scripted.”

Another said: “I was wondering if it was extremely played out for TV because it’s giving scripted energy. A lot of things don’t make sense. How did they magically get appropriate clothing if they had no idea they were going to the wilderness?”

“They blew up suitcases but had changes of clothes? They cut down a live tree for firewood. Green trees don’t burn. They have secret cameras with footage identical to the studio camera,” wrote a Twitter user.

Netflix cast are real people

Despite speculation about whether Snowflake Mountain is real and its cast members are actors, they are not. All of the show’s stars are genuine people who live their own lives, with many of them having real-life jobs. Meet the cast here.

Each cast member has a social media page that highlights they are normal people who happened to appear on a reality show for Netflix. None of those who took part are known actors in the outside world.

However, as with anything made for TV, there will be elements of the Netflix series that are arranged and planned, but that doesn’t mean a script is involved. The cast even filmed intros with their parents at the beginning!

Netflix states Snowflake Mountain is ‘reality’

Reality Titbit reached out to Netflix to ask about how real the show is, to which they responded: “The show is an unscripted reality show.” This confirms that the cast members are definitely not given a script to read from.

Netflix has described Snowflake Mountain as: “A funny, warm-hearted reality show [that] takes a bunch of clueless kidults who aren’t yet living to their full potential.” So, according to producers, the series is totally real.

Due to the perfect camera shots, many viewers have been speculating whether the series is a genuine show capturing real reactions. The same rumors have circulated in response to other reality shows, such as Selling Sunset.

Cast member Christine Quinn took to Twitter to claim Selling Sunset has “5,000 fake storylines”. It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for a reality TV show to reshoot scenes or producers to add drama, but a script seems unlikely.



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