Netflix: Where does Coffey Anderson live? Country Ever After singer moved from his hometown!

Singer Coffey Anderson stars in Netflix’s new reality series Country Ever After, following both his music career and family life.

The country music star has taken his singing career international, and it looks like he has now moved from his roots to the city.

Coffey and his wife Criscilla, along with their children, star in the Netflix show, blending their country and city backgrounds together.

So where does Coffey Anderson live? Let’s explore where his home is based!

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Meet Coffey Anderson

Coffey is a 42-year-old country singer songwriter who came to fame through making Youtube videos, where he has 167k subscribers.

The father-of-four started out by releasing Christian versions of mainstream music on the Internet platform, as he used to record as a gospel singer.

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He has 3 children with his wife Criscilla Anderson, and 1 child from a previous marriage.

The Country Ever After star has made 11 albums, with his first in 2010. It is thought that his current net worth stands at $2 million.

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Where does Coffey Anderson live?

  • Los Angeles

Coffey spends a lot of time travelling to places places like Reno, Nevada, and Hollywood, as part of his own indie label Coffey Global LLC.

However he now lives at home with his family in LA, but originally grew up in Bangs, Texas. So he has moved his roots from country to city!

He attended a small town college when growing up in Texas and borrowed a guitar from a then-girlfriend’s dad, which is when it all started.

Coffey also played basketball for the HPU Yellow Jackets team in Brownwood, Texas, from 1999 to 2002.

Coffey Anderson on Instagram

Coffey has at least 108k followers on the social media platform.

He regularly sings songs and plays guitar to his fans, shares updates on his music, and posts snippets of family life.



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