Cheer Season 2 is the latest crown jewel in Netflix’s docu-series crown. No surprise, the hard-hitting series is created by the same team behind Last Chance U and packs as much a punch – physically on the athletes and emotionally on the viewers – as the American football drama.

From the get-go, Lexi Brumback was clearly the star of the show. Although Gabi Butler had the fame and talent backing her, Lexi had the humour, skill and emotional journey to earn her place as the fan-favourite.

Lexi was the ‘bad girl’ of the team, or the real-life Missy Pantone for all those Bring It On fans.

But since finding out that she is no longer part of Navarro Cheer on the Netflix series, many are now wondering where she is and what she’s up to. So we’ve done some digging!

Who is Lexi Brumback?

Lexi Brumback was one of the Navarro cheerleaders on Netflix’s Cheer.

As one of the physically strongest and most talented on squad, Lexi was one of Navarro’s best tumblers, who “tumbles like the boys.” And her talents were definitely put to use in the National Championships at Daytona, as Lexi was performing stunts the Navarro team had never done before!

Lexi was born on January 12th, 2000 and so has just turned 22 years old – on the day that Season 2 came out. She is originally from Houston, Texas.

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Lexi’s troubled past

Lexi opened up about how cheerleading had saved her life on Netflix’s Cheer. She explained that if it wasn’t for the team, she’s be “sitting in a jail cell right now.”

Head coach Monica Aldama is known for reaching out to young people going through trouble and transforming their lives with her rigorous cheer programme. This is what happened to Lexi.

Lexi opened up about her previous struggles with the law, which had included a stint in juvie. She previously had struggled with violent behaviour but a sign of how far she’d come came when Lexi opened up to Monica about the online feud she was having with another girl. This included the girl leaking nude photographs of Lexi on Twitter.

Rather than resort to violence – as she said she usually would have – Lexi did the right thing and went to the police, with Monica’s help.

What happened after Daytona?

Upon winning at Daytona and returning to Corsicana, things took a turn for Lexi.

In the final episode of Season 1, we learned that in the final week of school, Lexi and a group of friends had their car stopped and searched. In the car they found illegal substances and rather than fess up, Lexi took the blame.

This meant that Lexi was immediately removed from the Navarro Cheer programme. So, despite all her hard work and progress, Lexi had taken a major step back.

We saw that she still made an appearance in Season 2 despite no longer being on the team in real time.

Where is Lexi Brumback now?

After leaving Navarro, Lexi moved back home to Houston to live with her grandmother. We catch a hint at the partying lifestyle that Lexi still enjoys over on social media, however she hasn’t done a complete 180.

From Lexi’s Instagram, we can see that she’s still partying, but now she is back into cheer again. Although sadly she won’t be allowed back on the Navarro Cheer squad, we see her continuing the support her former team mates.

In a post from January 11th 2020, Lexi said she hadn’t been tumbling since October, but it’s now “come-back” season. She uploaded a video in February 2021 which showed her “pushing herself to get out of my comfort zone lately”.

Lexi is now ready to “try stunting” and appears to have been practising all year.

Follow Lexi on Instagram @lexisbrumback to keep up-to-date with her.



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