Netflix: Where is Love is Blind filmed? Filming locations to Pods!

If you thought Netflix’s The Circle was a bizarre social experiment, then hold your horses, they’ve got an ever more odd one coming your way this February 13th, 2020.

Love is Blind is a brand new dating show, where the aim is to find someone to marry. But first, you will have to fall in love without seeing them. The connection has to be purely personality-based.

How will they get to know each other blind, you ask? The first half of the series will see the contestants engage with each other in “pods.”

So, where is Love is Blind filmed?


Where is Love is Blind filmed?

As all of the contestants are from Atlanta, Georgia, one can assume this is where they filmed the series. According to Atlanta Journal-Constitution, they filmed the series in Pinewood Atlanta Studios.

They also reported that the series was filmed way back in October 2018.

So that means the Love is Blind team built a set just for the series on this film lot.

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Love is Blind filming locations

Unlike The Circle, where the contestants are restricted to their rooms or other parts of the apartment block in total isolation, there is a change mid-way through Love is Blind.

Although the initial episodes will see the cast speed dating their way through the “pod” format, there will come a point when they finally meet their “love” and carry out the rest of the show face-to-face.

From the trailer, we can see that they then move to different locations. It is likely that they film in Atlanta, when the contestants return home with their bride- or husband-to-be.

Love is Blind | Official Trailer | Netflix – Netflix YouTube

Why only contestants from Atlanta?

Although this is unconfirmed, the choice to only use contestants based in Atlanta would increase the survival rate of the relationships. It would help them work out.

Once they’re off the show, they won’t have to worry about all that moving house/moving state business – they can just hop straight to it!

It’s unknown why they selected Atlanta, considering Kinetic Content – the production company behind Love is Blind – is based in California. However, Atlanta is becoming an increasingly popular TV destination, with the likes of Netflix’s Queer Eye based there.




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