Netflix: Who are the winners of the first season of Baking Impossible?

Netflix: Who are the winners of the first season of Baking Impossible?

Viewers have been left hooked on the newest Netflix reality show Baking Impossible.

From delectable delights to awe-inspiring engineering masterpieces Baking Impossible has it all. But fans have been left wondering who have been crowned the winners of the first season of the ‘bakineering’ show.

Each episode sees contestants contend with tricky challenges that combine baking with engineering. The dynamic duos have to create their masterpieces over the course of eight hours where they will then be stress-tested and evaluated by the judges.

Reality Titbit has found out who was crowned the winner of the Netflix original series and what the victors and the runners up had to say!

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How much is the prize money for the winners of Baking Impossible?

On Baking Impossible the contestants compete in pairs for a grand prize of $100,000. Within each pair, one contestant specialises in baking, while the other focuses on the engineering side of tasks.

If the pairs make it through to the final they will have the chance to create a stunning masterpiece that will potentially secure the grand prize and also take home the accolade of being crowned the first-ever winners of Baking Impossible.

Who won Netflix’s Baking Impossible?

In order to win the entire season, the bakers and engineers had to build delectable bridges which had to survive multiple stress tests.

Team Sara and Rodolfo were crowned the champions of Baking Impossible 2021 and the runners up Cindy and Taylor were extremely gracious in defeat saying: “If there’s one team [we] feel honoured to come second behind its Sara and Rodolfo. We’ve been rooting for them this whole time.”

Joint champion of Baking Impossible Sara said: “This was incredibly difficult, I was tested in ways I didn’t expect to be tested and when you’re doing a partner competition you can’t give up so we didn’t.”

Speaking about his partner Sara, Rodolfo added: “I remember sometimes when I was a little down and she would always kick me saying let’s go you told me you wanted to win so it’s good that we had our down moments. At the same time when she was a little down, I was there to push her up and when I was down she was doing the same thing for me.”

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Fans react to Sara and Rodolfo winning Baking Impossible

Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Sara and Rodolfo being crowned the winners of Baking Impossible. Check out the best tweets here!

One user wrote: “I adoreddd Cindy and Taylor’s creations…edible art indeed! Red heart But I have nothing but admiration for Rodolfo and Sara’s bakineering skills! #BakingImpossible.”

While another tweeted: “OMG! So happy! Well deserved win for Sara and Rodolfo passing the last three stress test and showcasing their Baking Impossible journey! Woooh! Congrats once again to the first-ever Baking Impossible Champions and the world’s best Bakineere! #BakingImpossible.”



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