The first series of Abstract: The Art of Design launched on Netflix last year to a hugely positive response and now they’re back with six new creatives as the focus of series 2.

The docuseries profiles creatives across the world of design, from artists and illustrators to fashion designers and car manufacturers. Season 2 dropped on Netflix on Wednesday, September 25th with the likes of artist Olafur Eliasson and Black Panther’s costume designer, Ruth Carter joining the show.

One of the designers whose work viewers might not immediately recognise is toy designer Cas Holman.

Here’s everything you need to know about Cas, from her background and career to her Instagram.

Screenshot: Abstract: The Art of Design season 2 – Cas Holman: Design for Play – Netflix

Who is Cas?

Cas Holman is a 45-year-old who grew up in Grass Valley, California with her mum but now lives in Rhode Island. She was born on August 21st, 1974.

When she moved to the East Coast, Cas started to teach at Syracuse University, but now she is a professor at Rhode Island School of Design in the Industrial Design department.

Hope, Rhode Island has become home for Cas. She took an abandoned summer camp and transformed it into her toy workshop where she dreams up all her designs and executes them.

In 2006, Cas founded the toy company Heroes Will Rise.

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Cas’ toy designs

In the Abstract: The Art of Design episode, Cas says: “When I design toys I want children to create from their imagination rather than following instructions… My work as a designer is to give them these tools so that they are free to imagine, explore ideas and invent new things.”

Her first successful toy design was Geemo, a building toy which was launched at the Museum of Modern Art’s design store in 2006.

But it was Rigmajig which really launched Cas’ career.

Rigmajig is a large-scale building kit which was initially created for a pop-up at the launch of New York’s High Line Park back in 2011. It was such a success that it was commissioned to be designed for schools and playgrounds. Then Cas started to sell Rigmajig for families in their homes.

Find out more about Rigmajig on their website.

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Screenshot: Abstract: Rigmajig in The Art of Design season 2 – Cas Holman: Design for Play – Netflix

Cas on social media

If you loved Cas on Abstract: The Art of Design, then be sure to check her out on Instagram @casholman.

In her Instagram bio, Cas describes herself as a “Designer of playthings, Boss of Rigamajig, Professor at RISD, housemate to 4 dogs.” And as of such, most of her posts are filled with her designs and dogs!

Cas also frequently posts with her partner, Alesdair Ittelson who is a law and policy director. You can check out Alesdair

You can also follow Cas on Twitter under the same username as her IG.



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