Netflix’s Sexy Beasts is a reality dating series that sees contestants dress up in prosthetic make-up, in the hope they will find a romantic connection without seeing each other’s appearance.

Sexy Beasts is back for another season of weird flirting and awkward conversations. The reality dating show transforms contestants into fantastical beasts to give them the opportunity to find the one based solely on personality.

Get to know Mick who will be featuring on the first episode of the hit Netflix show. Find out what he does for a living and what he’s looking for in his perfect lady.

Who is Mick?

Mick is a tour guide from Nashville with a passion for music. He is looking for “someone to love and start a life with.”

Music-loving Mick has not had a serious relationship for two years, and he will be looking for the one on Sexy Beasts as a dragon.

Interestingly, before his appearance on the reality series Mick said: “I’ve never had three girls fighting over me before.”

Who will Mick be dating on Sexy Beasts?

In Sexy Beasts first episode of season two, Mick will be taking three lucky ladies out on dates. Find out all about them!


Abby is a customer assistant from Lincoln who admits that she usually goes for looks over personality.

Shark said: “I can vibe with a brick wall.”


Edith is looking for a “fun, adventurous and confident man”. She hopes that Sexy Beasts is “the beginning of an epic love story” but also said the experience “could be a disaster.”

Before her date with Dragon, Edith will be getting into the zone with some yogic breathing exercises.

It seems that Edith has not been in a serious relationship before as she admitted that she doesn’t “know what true love is.”


Meerkat said that joined Sexy Beasts in an attempt “to find [her] soulmate.”

Angela Katherine is a professional swimmer and lifeguard from Brooklyn. She has come to Sexy Beasts after having to pass up on too many dates for her swimming career.

Meerkat loves mermaids and says they are “her spirit animal.”

How many episodes of Sexy Beasts are there?

Like the first season, season two of Sexy Beasts will consist of six episodes of dating antics which will be around thirty minutes each.

If you are planning to binge-watch the entire series, then it will take you around three hours to stream the season.

Each episode will feature new singletons all looking for that special someone. Contestants will select from three potential dates all of whom are in full prosthetic make-up, and will only get to see their choice once they have made their final decision.



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