Netflix: Who was Cindy Tran? Bling Empire pay tribute in episode 6

Netflix’s Bling Empire reveals the livelihoods of wealthy Asians living in Los Angeles. At the end of episode 6, tribute was paid to Cindy Tran.

We follow the lives of Anna Shay (a fan favourite!), get an insight into Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray’s love, and see Kane Lim’s designer wardrobe.

However, viewers of the reality TV series – comprised of 8 episodes in the first season – grew curious when one episode mentioned Cindy Tran’s name.

So who was Cindy Tran? Here’s everything we discovered about her…

Screenshot: Cindy Tran, Episode 6 Series 1, Bling Empire, Netflix

Who was Cindy Tran?

Cindy was around 59 years old when she died, and was born in 1960.

She lived until 2019, when filming started for Bling Empire.

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Looking at the production credits, it does not appear as though Cindy was part of the team, but was a family member of one of the cast members.

She loved Chanel and regularly got spa massages, ate macarons, and taught her daughter to be kind and to work smart – as seen on her Instagram.

Why was episode 6 in memory of Cindy?

  • Cindy was Cherie’s mum

Cherie reflects on the loss of her mum, who died in 2019, during the episode, and believes her second child is the reincarnation of her parents.

Although Cherie does not disclose her name, she says she feels like she is around her, adding that a part of her wants to be with her mum every day.

Episode 6 ends with Cherie, her boyfriend Jessey Lee and her daughter hugging, just before the credits pay tribute to Cindy Tran.



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