Netflix: Will there be a Coach Snoop season 2? Cast, team and more!

There are American football dramas flying out left right and centre on Netflix these days. From Last Chance U to QB1: Beyond the Lights… they even have football dramas for kids with Friday Night Tykes!

But one show which proved a real hit with viewers which has not yet returned for a second season is Coach Snoop.

The show, spearheaded by California rap legend Snoop Dogg, premiered in February 2018 on Netflix. But there has been little word on a second series from Snoop himself since.

Here’s everything you need to know about a potential second season of Coach Snoop, including who could return for the next series.

Screenshot: Coach Snoop S1 E1 – Netflix

Coach Snoop – an overview

The first season of Coach Snoop followed the man himself as he coaches ‘Snoop’s Steelers’ through the Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL).

The SYFL was set up in 2005 by Snoop Dogg as an after-school programme in California. It was to help as he describes “at-risk kids”, as Snoop notes how football helped him stay out of trouble as a youngster. Snoop is the coach of one team but funds the entire league’s runnings.

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There are over 1,500 kids now playing in the SYFL.

Each season the Snoop Youth Football League culminates in ‘The Snooperbowl’ which in season 1 was held in Houston, Texas.

Will there be Coach Snoop season 2?

Coach Snoop is produced by Snoop Dogg’s production company, Snoopadelic Films. And yes, that is the real company name!

Snoopadelic Films have not released any statements about a new season of Coach Snoop coming to Netflix at any time soon, but it’s not a completely far off idea.

The SYFL is still running as per usual. They even posted about the upcoming 2019 season to their Instagram, looking to get some new recruits.

We suspect the lack of season 2 has been down to Snoop Dogg’s career intervening. He only just released his Grass Is Greener documentary to Netflix in April 2019 and has been making new music since.

But as Snoop is still working with Netflix, that gives us hope that there will be a second season of Coach Snoop. We will keep you all posted on the latest developments of the show!

Coach Snoop season 2: Cast

As we’ve seen with Netflix’s other popular American football docu-series, you need not have a celebrity cast to peak people’s interest.

But the whole appeal of Coach Snoop does seem to revolve around Snoop Dogg being a central cast member.

If they were to release another season of Coach Snoop, Snoop Dogg would most likely return to the show. His name is in the title for crying out loud!

So that would mean a return to the Snoop’s Stealers team. But as a couple of years have passed since we last visited them in season 1, there would be a whole new cast of players to be introduced to on the show.




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