If you’re curious about how Netflix’s Dance 100 will work, here’s everything you need to know about voting and prize money this season.

Netflix is expanding its talent show roster once again as Dance 100 releases this spring. The new dance competition arrives on the streaming platform on Friday, March 17.

Hosted by Peloton instructor Ally Love, eight star choreographers will battle it out for a hefty prize. As the season progresses, each contestant must choreograph an increasingly difficult dance number for an ever-growing number of talented dancers- so be ready for some serious performances.

Let’s take a look at how the reality talent series will work.

What prize are Dance 100 contestants competing for?

Dance 100 is a street dance competition of epic proportions showcasing eight accomplished dancers who are ready to prove they’re the next superstar choreographer.

They will work tirelessly each episode to choreograph, teach and perform extravagant group performances, but what’s in it for them?

Aside from the professional recognition that a Netflix show will bring them, the contestants are striving to win a cash prize of $100,000.

How will voting work?

Dance 100 will not take the form of traditional talent shows with contestants and judges. In an exciting twist, the judges are the choreographers’ own dancers.

The Dance 100, or the cast of 100 talented dancers who will bring the choreographers’ visions to life, will also be the ones deciding who stays and who goes- making for some interesting viewing.

Meet the Dance 100 cast

There are eight choreographers confirmed as competitors in Dance 100 season 1. They will be in charge of devising the dance routines for the dancers, AKA the judges, to carry out.

Here are the super talented choreographers taking on the debut season:

Akira Armstrong

Brandi Chun

Celine Edmonson

Janick Areseneau

Keenan Cooks

Max Pham Ngyuen

Rex Kline

Rudy Garcia

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