Sixteen survivalists are dropped into the Alaskan wilderness, for a chance to win $1 million, but there is only one man left standing; Let’s meet Netflix’s Outlast cast.

From Ozark’s Jason Bateman and Aggregate Films, the entire season is available to binge-watch in one sitting on Netflix on Friday, March 10.

Meet the cast of Outlast below, so you can get to know the lone wolves before we dive into the show.

Lee Ettinger, Justin Court and Jill Ashock stand together in rain macs
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Meet Netflix’s Outlast cast

Amber Asay

Amber Asay is from Phoenix, Arizona, and is 34 years old. Following her reported struggle with addiction and being shot in the face by her ex-partner. She has reclaimed her life and decided that exploring is her true passion. She has gone to the Enchantments, and hiked one of the most challenging treks in North America, walking 26 miles in a day.

Andrea Hilderbrand

51-year-old Andrea from Charlotte, North Carolina, was practically born to do this as she grew up in the middle of a national forest and has hunted and fished her whole life. It appears Andrea also has strength on her side as she competes in CrossFit competitions. She’s also not afraid to trek to the finish line as she has completed mountaineering expeditions in the US, Europe, and South America

Angie Kenai

Angie from San Antonio, Texas is a 30-year-old former member of the Texas State Guard. She will be great at the teamwork aspect of the challenges as her job revolved around helping others as she provided disaster relief. She’s an Emergency medical technician but in her spare time, she enjoys climbing and fishing. Angie will be a great aide of survival as she knows how to hunt hogs and turkeys with a bow and arrow.

Brian Kahrs

Brian is from Florida and as the 59-year-old grew up during the Cold War he has certainly gone through some difficult times. He joined a survival group as a teenager, so has a lot of experience under his belt. Kahrs revealed that he uses “pain as fuel” so he’s certainly in with a shot of winning.

Brian Kahrs in Episode 2 of Outlast creating a raft
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Corey Johnson

Corey is from Parker, Colorado and the 28-year-old left behind his job as a model in New York to follow his true passion, life in the outdoors. Therefore he moved back to his hometown to teach himself how to live in the wilderness and survive on his own. Before embarking on a self-set 50-day survival mission, Johnson is taking part in Outlast for good practice.

Outlast's Corey Johnson in Episode 1 of Outlast, making a fire
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Dawn Nelson

Dawn Nelson is a 43-year-old mom from Creston, Washington and as she was raised in the mountains, she’s well fit for the Alaskan temperatures. Tragically, Nelson was diagnosed with cancer whilst pregnant with her daughter; and after overcoming her battle, she is strong as nails. There’s nothing Nelson can’t do, as a former corrections officer, a published author, a phlebotomist, and a lab assistant -she has done it all, but will she survive Outlast?

Javier Colón

Javier is a San Francisco native, and with 23 years of outdoor experience under his belt, he has a lot to show for it. Not only has he done a 31-day backpacking journey across Spain, but he did a two-year, 18,000-mile solo bicycle tour from Canada to Tierra Del Fuego and a solo bicycle tour of 1,000 miles around Iceland. He likes to live off the grid, but when other competitors are involved, how will he fare?

Jill Ashock

40-year-old Jill from New Haven, Kentucky has the brains and the survival techniques to get her through the competition. Not only has she worked as a private investigator and firefighter but she teaches wilderness survival classes and has come first in her state for archery. If there’s anyone you want on your hunting team, it’s this mom of three.

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  • Jill Ashock in Episode 2 climbing up rocks
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    Joel Hungate

    Joel from McCordsville, Indiana works in engineering, health care, and technology innovation. He is also a keen mountain climber and is a hero in his own right as he rescued a person injured in a landslide. The 33-year-old is a great contestant to have on your side!

    Jordan Williams

    At 25 years old, Jordan is one of the youngest contestants taking part. Born in Fort Collins, Colorado, Jordan has been part of the US Marines and feels at home in a jungle, and has undergone an array of grueling tasks to prepare him for Outlast.

    Justin Court

    Justin is from La Grange, Kentucky, and is a keen bowhunter, not only that but he has a black belt in jiujitsu so he’s not one to be messed with. The 44-year-old has got himself into some tricky situations, including an avalanche, but he came out alive; can the same be said for his time on Outlast?

    Lee Ettinger

    Next to join Netflix’s Outlast cast is Lee from Bigfork, Montana also served eight years in the United States Marine Corps. He also lived for five years in Japan while working for the Japanese government, where he lived out in the suburbs. He is now living back in his hometown and is the founder and CEO of Better Living Products.

    Nick Radner

    Nick is from Tampa, Florida, and works as a high-school teacher, many of his students have commented on the trailer praising Radner for his efforts. He is certainly not one to play with, not only can he tell you off but he’s also a wrestling coach. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and recently climbed Mount Shasta on his own.

    Paul Preece and Nick Radner in Episode 1 of Outlast creating a fire
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    Paul Preece

    Paul is from Knoxville, Tennessee, and hasn’t had an easy childhood, from being homeless as a child to living in an old coal camp, Preece has pretty much always had to provide for himself. As a result, he is a professional hunter and fisherman and often teaches his skills to amateur hunters.

    Paul Preece in Episode 1 of Outlast looking into the wilderness
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    Seth Lueker

    31-year-old Seth from Winchester, Virginia enlisted in the Marine Corps at just 19 years old and learned survival skills and navigation techniques. However, he feels most of his survival skills come from growing up on a farm in Virginia, where he learned to hunt, fish, and track game.

    Timothy Spears

    Netflix’s Outlast cast also includes Spears, who is 33 years old and is from Fort Collins, Colorado. Tim credits his late grandfather for teaching him survival skills and fondly remembers a three-week trip to Canada where he learned to hunt, camp, and survive in the wilderness. Now that he knows the Colorado Trail like the back of his hand, Spears is ready to take on the Alaskan wilderness.

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