Outlast is about to land on Netflix and the highly anticipated trailer reveals contestants will compete in some of the most intense conditions in the wilderness. But, where is Netflix’s Outlast set?

The eight-part series is an unscripted competition show, from Ozark’s Jason Bateman and Aggregate Films. The entire spectacle season will be made available on Netflix on Friday, March 10, which means you will be able to binge-watch Outlast over the weekend.

Let’s take a look at whereabouts the cut-throat competition is filmed…

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Where is Netflix’s Outlast set?

Outlast is filmed in Alaska by the Neka river on Chichagof Island. Average temperatures are around 0.5-degree celsius.

In Outlast, 16 contestants, or rather, “lone wolves” are dropped into the Alaskan wilderness. The aim of the show is to see who can last the longest out there, in the inhospitable Alaskan tundra. The contestants will become survival experts as they work together to build camps, find food and learn to live in treacherous conditions.

The Alaskan conditions are pretty barbaric and the trailer hears contestants complain of such, with one saying: “I’m tired, I’m cold, I’m wet, I’m hungry.” Another woman says: “Nothing’s going to be ideal, I won’t survive without you guys.”

In fact, Alaska is a dangerous place to be during the fall, which is when the show was filmed; as the weather conditions pose many threats. Not only are there freezing temperatures, but the possibility of running into a bear is high.

As they arrive in the wilderness, the players will be split up into four different teams. Each will have its own camp in different locations. Of course, none of the contestants have any bearings nor do they know where in Alaska these locations are.

What is the aim of Netflix’s Outlast?

The aim of the game is to Outlast each other and the winner will get 1 million dollars. However, the one rule is they must be a part of a team to win.

The Netflix cast will become rivals in their fight for survival but we will also see the formation of friendships. As they go head to head, the Outlast trailer teases contestants ‘playing dirty’ for the big cash prize. Who will make it to the end and who will shoot their flares to back out? Only time will tell.

Other survival shows that are filmed in Alaska

Alaska appears to be the hub of USA survival shows. The popular series Race To Survive Alaska, is the newest reality show to hit screens.

Eight teams of two are given the task of racing over 100 miles with little supplies in the hopes of winning the $500,000 prize. Over the course of six weeks, the teams will have to source their own food and water; as they forge their own path to the end. In each of the six races, the last team to reach the finish line will be eliminated. Until there is only one duo left.

Race to Survive Alaska premieres after Outlast, with its first episode dropping on Monday, April 3 at 11 p.m. ET/PT.

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