Netflix’s Outlast winners will bag one million dollars for making it to the finish line, but which team wins the survival show?

Warning Outlast spoilers ahead

Outlast is the eight-part series from Ozark’s Jason Bateman and Aggregate Films, the spectacle dropped on Netflix today, Friday, March 10.

Many contestants feel that the conniving tactics are unnecessary whilst other players are prepared to “play dirty” for the cash prize. Let’s see which team succeeds.

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Who wins Outlast?

Charlie Camp wins which is made up of Seth, Nick, and Paul.

That’s right, the boys beat Alpha Camp as the two teams were pitted against each other in the race to the whopping $1 million prize money.

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Netflix’s Outlast finale explained

The final challenge sees Amber Asay and Jill Ashlock team up as they go against their rivals Seth, Nick, and Paul.

The two teams left competing at the end of Outlast season 1 are Charlie Camp and Alpha Camp. Only Amber and Jill are left on the Alpha team by the end. While Nick and Seth were OG Charlie members from the start, whereas Paul moved from Delta Camp to Charlie.

Amber used her past trauma to help her prepare for Outlast. Therefore she, along with Jill, and Justin were the dream team and were all original members of Alpha from the start of the game. Their fourth teammate, Lee, left early in the competition. Justin left Amber and Jill toward the end, causing him to leave them for Camp Charlie.

Which Outlast contestants are eliminated?

Within the first few days, Andrea gets ill almost immediately and left. Shortly followed by Tim and Corey who decided they couldn’t Outlast the rest after just the first night. Lee and Jordan left soon after as the duo became famished and parched at the very start of the competition.

After Paul moved teams the Alpha Camp stole Delta’s sleeping bags and that was enough to send Brian, Dawn, and Joel. This leaves Javier “campless” and when Charlie Camp denies him entry he has to go home. At this point, Angie also falls ill with a bowel obstruction and is forced to leave the competition.

Towards the end, when Justin sabotaged Jill and Amber’s shelter, Camp Charlie didn’t agree with his antics and forced him out of the competition. Justin shot his flare and left. Clearly, the winning contestants were prepared to kill their contestants with kindness and played a clean game from the beginning.


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