Netlix: Who is metal artist Ivan Iler from Metal Shop Masters?

The brand new Netflix series which premiered on September 10th, Metal Shop Masters, sees seven welders competing for the title of Metal Shop Master.

The six-part series hosted by comedian, Jo Kay, gives each competitor 10 hours to create art, some making robots and road warriors, as one person is eliminated each episode.

The metal artist still standing at the end of the six-episode series will win the grand prize of $50,000.

With seven competitors trying to win the prize money, let’s meet Ivan Iler.

Metal Shop Masters Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Metal Shop Masters Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Ivan Iler?

Based in St. Johns, Michigan, Ivan is an artist, specialising in large kinetic metal sculptures. Within his work, Ivan uses many skills including metal fabrication, sculpting and blacksmithing.

Ivan owns a motorcycle shop called, Hammer In Hand Custom Cycles. The shop, which was founded in 2009, is where Ivan works daily as an engineer and fabricator.

The shop is today also known as Ivan Iler Studios, where Ivan makes and presents his sculptures, many of which are outdoor public pieces.

Ivan now also has a new title under his belt, having made it all the way to the final on Metal Shop Masters. The artist appeared alongside contestant, Tom Patsis, however Ivan just missed the win, placing second.

Ivan Iler’s sculptures

Having created many large metal sculptures, in 2018, Ivan broke a world record, having created the world’s largest brown trout sculpture which stands at 25 feet tall in Baldwin, Northern Michigan.

Ivan also features photos of his work on his website. Two of Ivan’s sculptures can even be bought by the public. On Ivan’s online shop you can purchase a stainless steel barn own in a tree sculpture for $7,000.

Ivan’s largest sculpture for sale is an African elephant that stands at 10 feet tall. As a kinetic sculpture, the elephant can be operated using a hand crank and can be bought for $18,000.

Ivan Iler’s Instagram explored

Often posting photos of his work, Ivan’s Instagram is full of metal sculptures and tools, also posting videos of his work for his over 6,000 followers to see how he creates his sculptures.

Appearing to keep his family life personal, there isn’t any sign of a partner on Ivan’s page, however, he does occasionally feature photos of his nephew, Daymian, captioning them with the hashtag, ‘cooluncle’.

Other than being a metal artist, Ivan also has talent as a singer and guitarist. Posting videos of himself performing in his shop, his followers appear to love the musical Instagram cameos.



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