Netflix’s Skin Decision: Before and After has fans gawping when they see clients get completely transformed.

Led by plastic surgeon Dr. Sheila Nazarian and nurse Jamie Sherill, they perform the latest procedures on people who want to recover from past traumas, such as to change shot wounds or transform scars from a car accident.

One of them is Nicholas Bravo, who had scarring on his face after his car hit a pot hole and flipped several times.

He immediately became a viewer favourite, so we done some digging to find out more about him…

nicholas skin decision
Screenshot: Nicholas, Skin Decision, Episode 2 Season 1, Netflix

Who is Nicholas?

Nicholas Bravo lives in Los Angeles, California. He is involved in the transportation industry.

On the show, he describes himself as “inquisitive” and “highly ambitious” and said he was the only person in his family to attend college.

He is also writing a book, according to his Facebook page, which Nicholas confirmed when he released a video discussing whether the NBA should resume play during a pandemic and a human justice movement.

The regular traveller also has a ginger cat named Teddy.

Nicholas on Skin Decision: Before and After

nicholas skin decision
Screenshot: Nicholas, Skin Decision, Episode 2 Season 1, Netflix

Nicholas wanted to heal scarring from a near-fatal car crash. He told the story of how he had been on the freeway when his car hit a pot hole at 9pm at night.

It then hit a divider at more than 75 miles per hour, and Nicholas’ car allegedly flipped at least three times.

I’m just lucky to be alive. The accident caused me to have severe lacerations all over my body. My recovery was seven months and was extremely painful physically and emotionally.

He said people began treating him differently after the accident, when he was left with prominent scars.

Nicholas said: “It was almost as if I was going to hurt them. They’d say I look intimidating and legitimately treated me as if I was a criminal, just because I’m black with scars in my face.”

He said it changed his life. But on Skin Decision, nurse Jamie gave him scar revision, involving laser resurfacing, and then her assistant gave him cosmetic tattooing.

Nicholas said she has opened up “so many opportunities” for him and sees “an extremely bright future”.

Nicholas on Instagram

We found Nicholas Bravo on Instagram, where he is seen travelling the world, mostly across America. He has visited Costa Rica, Vegas, Panama, and Mexico, amongst other places.

It looks like since surgery, he is fully embracing all the opportunities he said he was given. This was confirmed by one of his recent posts, with stated the caption: “Look me in my face – I ain’t got no worries.”

Follow him for all your travelling needs at @akeemd_nicholas.



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