All the episodes from Too Hot to Handle season 4 have been released on Netflix and we take a look at who won the season in the final episode.

The Netflix show has had fans hooked since its first season arrived on the platform in 2020. Now, two years later, the show is in its fourth season and the hype train for the new episodes is still running.

Like all other seasons, the season 4 cast is enormously attractive and erotically charged. But, as the rules go, they aren’t allowed to kiss or get intimate. A rule break means some amount from their total prize money will be deducted.

Here’s who fared the best this season as Too Hot To Handle season 4 winners’ names are out now.

Who won Too Hot To Handle season 4?

The Too Hot To Handle season 4 winners are none other than Nick Kici, 28, and Jawahir Khalifa, 22.

The couple bagged the $89K prize in episode 10. They beat out finalists Kayla Richart and Sebastian Melrose to win first place.

“The winning couple by six votes to one is Nick and Jawahir,” Lana announces in the finale, titled Growth is a Team Game.

Jawahir let out a scream as Nick hugged her. The other finalists, Seb and Kayla, as well as the house members, applauded the winners.

“In the end, I think that they have the most genuine connection,” Brittan says in her interview.

The season 4 cast celebrates as firecrackers go up. Lana also announces that her retreat is over and the rules no longer apply.

The couples all cheer and kiss their better halves.

Here’s a recap of the final episode

The finale starts with new entrant Imogen outing Creed in front of everyone. She revealed how he never told her a clear no about pursuing their connection. At this, Flavia realizes that Creed’s been lying to her about Imogen and him having a “friendship-ish” connection.

Lana immediately cuts him out of a place in the final, given he refused to be honest with Flavia and Imogen despite being given an opportunity. He is also asked to leave Lana’s retreat immediately.

Everyone’s sad to see him go.

Flavia and Imogen finally speak to each other about the Creed fiasco.

The two girls hug it out and Imogen also asks Flavia if she could take Creed’s place in her bed. Flavia answers in the affirmative and it’s all good!

The couples then engage in a workshop that sees them drawing their experience of the retreat out on a white flag. They also illustrate what they want their life after the retreat to be like.

Lana then announces the four finalists and in the evening time, the winners’ names are then revealed.

Fans react to Too Hot Handle season 4 finale

Fans had a lot to say after the winners were announced.

“Wow. Nick from too hot to handle is such a catch! Knows how to communicate, level headed, will give you space, and feels deep. Like what?! These guys exist?!,” one fan wrote.

“Watching Jawahir overcome her self-sabotaging tendencies & the way nick was so understanding and patient with her that it made her feel safe enough to face her fears with him was so beautiful, my favorite Too Hot To Handle couple ever,” said a second fan.



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