Perfect Match fans are heartbroken that the Netflix show is over but they are now desperate to know if LC and Nick are still together following the show, could they withstand the test of time?

On February 28, Netflix released the final four episodes of Perfect Match Season 1, and the shocking conclusion proved that just because you put a ring on it doesn’t prove you’re the Perfect Match.

Perfect Match contestants Nick Uhlenhuth and Lauren “LC” Chamblin had a pretty fleeting romance but was it the start of something wonderful?

Are LC and Nick still together from Perfect Match?

No, LC and Nick from Perfect Match are not still together.

LC and Nick didn’t have a lot of time together as Lauren was the last to join the Panema villa and Nick was one of the first contestants to step in. However, as soon as the former Love Is Blind star and The Circle alum locked eyes, they hit it off right away. Sadly even though it was early doors the duo met a couple of “roadblocks” in their relationship.

Nick admitted long distance wasn’t something he wanted to embark on. Seeing as Lauren is from Atlanta, Georgia and he lives in Austin, Texas.

Uhlenhuth revealed: “It’s just, like, an extra roadblock on top of not really having too much time to get to know each other yet.”

On the other hand, Lauren seemed keen to make things work. She confessed: “I really hope that we can figure it out outside of here.”

Did LC and Nick say they were the Perfect Match?

No, LC and Nick did not confirm that they were each other’s Perfect Match.

At the end of the show when host Nick Lachey questioned if they had found their “perfect match” both reality stars denied that they had. Uhlenhuth responded that the “simple answer is no.” The 29-year-old reality star continued: “We can’t say we’re a perfect match. I think it’d be kinda ridiculous.”

LC “100 percent” agreed as she explained: “I think it would be kind of insane for us to be like, ‘perfect match! He’s the one!’ I’m not gonna say something that I don’t feel is genuine.”

However, there appears to be no bad blood between the duo as Nick and LC still follow each other on Instagram.

Nick is rumored to be dating another reality star

Since Perfect Match was filmed a year ago, some of the castmates have already embarked on new relationships. TikTok rumors have been circulating that Nick and The Bachelorette’s Katie Thurston from Season 17 are dating.

The duo even spent New Year’s Eve together as Nick shared a snap of him and Katie partying together. Katie commented on his post: “Starting off 2023 with a bang”

Katie’s January 2023 birthday post, also features a shot of her and Nick together.



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