Love is Blind 2 officially wrapped up on February 25th, 2022. The Netflix series sees strangers meet for the first time after getting to know each other in pods. Taking finding ‘the one’ to new extremes, when the pairs meet, they’re engaged and the rest of the experience leads to the all important ‘big day’.

As crucial part of the Love is Blind experiment is the moment that the couples get to meet the friends and families of their partners. Shayne and Shake’s moms got some people tweeting but the mom that’s been talked about the most is Nick Thompson’s. So, let’s find out more about Nick from Love is Blind’s mom, Kimberly.

Love is Blind | Season 2 Official Trailer | Netflix

Love is Blind | Season 2 Official Trailer | Netflix

Danielle meets Nick’s mom on Love is Blind

Love is Blind season 2 episode 7 sees Danielle and Nick take a trip to meet his mother and sisters.

After Nick met Danielle’s family, who were keen to talk about their sex life, it was time for Danielle to get acquainted with Nick’s nearest and dearest, but it was quite a different experience.

Within the first few moments of meeting Danielle said that she was nervous, as did Nick’s sisters, and Nick’s mom, Kimberly, said: “We’re pretty easy people I don’t think you need to get nervous about meeting us“.

She also joked: “OK, so now everybody knows that everybody is nervous“.

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Nick’s mom isn’t afraid to ask questions

While Danielle, 28, is explaining their relationship to Nick’s parents she said that they’d been through some “terrible times” and before she could continue, Nick’s mom asked: “What kind of terrible times, I mean you’ve been together for how long?

Nick then explained to his family that everything in the experiment is heightened.

Many Love is Blind viewers took to Twitter to applaud her for asking the right questions but some thought she could’ve altered her “tone“. One Twitter user wrote: “When Nick’s mom asked what troubles could they have in the 3 weeks they’ve know each other… I’m gagging! She’s asking the right questions“.

Love is Blind fans don’t think Nick’s mom is “sold”

Some of the ‘meeting the friends and family’ episodes of Love is Blind made for uncomfortable watching for some fans with one viewer taking to Twitter to say that Nick’s family seemed like a “tough crowd“.

Others thought that Nick‘s mom wasn’t keen on his wife-to-be. One person tweeted: “Nick’s mom is not sold on Danielle“.

Another said: “Nick’s mom is unimpressed. Same, ma’am, same.

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