Nikki Glaser made her debut on Netflix’s The Circle season 4, where she made jokes about a vulva hug and told the players to take part in a Circle Roast. She was glammed to the nines – but what does she look like with no makeup?

The series involves different players, either playing as their true selves or as a total catfish, communicate via a virtual screen and trying to form alliances with the other contestants. With a huge cash prize up for grabs, it’s seriously tense.

So when Nikki appeared on the reality show, fans began wondering what she looks like when she isn’t wearing makeup. Ever wonder what she looks like barefaced? Don’t worry, we’ve got the lowdown on her youthful looks.

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The Circle | Season 4 Official Trailer | Netflix

The Circle | Season 4 Official Trailer | Netflix

Nikki Glaser without makeup

Nikki doesn’t even look that different without make-up, despite the huge soar in viewers wondering what she looks like without it. She shares natural pictures on her Instagram every often, usually when she’s hanging with family.

It’s obvious that her eyes aren’t as accentuated without eyeshadow and mascara, and her face may not appear as smooth, but overall the FBoy Island host doesn’t wear that much make-up in general anyway.

She tends to have heavy eye make-up on at events and when filming for shows, which is most likely down to having a glam squad there to help! But when she’s at home and there is no need for lippy, she doesn’t wear it.

The comedian often makes jokes about make-up, which included her Tweet which showed a series of male actors and musicians on Google. She wrote: “STARS WITHOUT MAKEUP! SO BRAVE!”

Her debut on The Circle

Nikki appeared on The Circle season 4 when she challenged the players to do a ‘Circle Roast’. This means that the contestants each had to basically tear into each other virtually and throw some insults via a screen.

She was brought in to read roast jokes, but some viewers thought that most of the other players had no idea who she was. Her debut comes as many take to Twitter and discuss how often they see her on E! and Bravo, and now Netflix.

One of her roasts was: “You guys did such a great job, which is what they told me to say to you.” Many thought she “killed” the roast with her comedy – just one more round to add to her best roast moments.

How tall is the comedian?

Nikki Glaser is 5 ft 9 (1.75m). The 37-year-old has always been known for her height, usually towering above other celebrities with her tall, slender figure on the red carpet.

When asked how tall she was on twitter, she said “5’9”. She also mentioned her shoe size was 8.5, as per Celeb Heights. Her height is always heavily discussed on Twitter, with many describing Nikki as “funny and tall”.

She shared a post on Twitter where she jokingly done a “monthly check in” on Jon Ossoff, where a fan responded to her with the question: “But how tall is he?”



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