Oh Jin Taek was one of the most talked about cast members of Singles Inferno season 1, and we take a look at his Instagram to see what he’s up to a year after his Netflix fame.

Singles Inferno is a show like no other. It was the first South Korean reality show to land on Netflix’s Top 10 global list.

Season 1 of the dating series featured some of the most attractive men and women ever seen on reality television. It had a great mix of drama and twists and kept fans hooked till the end.

However, one of the cast members to make the most headlines during and after season 1 was Oh Jin.

Meet Oh Jin Taek on Instagram

Oh goes by the username ‘timelessbruno‘ on Instagram. He has 457K followers at the time of writing.

His Instagram shows him promoting Ascottage, a clothing business that he co-founded. The company sells tailor-made business suits, wedding suits, overcoats, and tweed, as well as country-made apparel besides other kinds of formal wear.

The company’s website notes that Oh serves as the style adviser. He posts several pictures and videos on Instagram donning his Ascottage suits and jackets to promote his brand.

Some of his posts also feature his cat and friends, while others simply show his good looks.

What is Oh Jin Taek up to a year after his Singles Inferno fame?

Following his Singles Inferno fame, Oh has become an influencer. In addition to his Instagram following, he also has a YouTube channel with 17K subscribers.

He is also going hard at his business – Ascottage. Most of his Instagram posts from the past year are dedicated to promoting the business.

Given that he is a full-blown influencer post his Singles Inferno fame, he also gets brand endorsements from the likes of Heineken, Benovero, LG and more.

On his YouTube channel, he also posts vlogs and fashion-related videos.

Oh and Kang So-Yeon was season 1’s ‘it’ couple

When Oh arrived on the beach, he noted that he was looking for a partner who was sexy, healthy, and someone with whom he could have a passionate romance.

He was immediately attracted to Kang and the two were with each other throughout the season.

The couple faced some road bumps such as when Oh chose someone else for his second paradise to stay instead of Kang. However, they made up after having an honest conversation about the incident.

It’s unclear if the couple stuck together after their Singles Inferno stint.



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