Glow Up has finally drawn to a close after eight weeks of intense competition.

The final aired on BBC Three on Thursday, July 2nd. It was the closest final to date with the judges struggling to choose between the final three.

With the competition now over, we thought we’d take a look over one of this season’s most memorable contestants: Ophelia Liu.

Ophelia consistently impressed with her creativity and desire to push boundaries of beauty through makeup. Here are some of Ophelia’s most memorable makeup looks throughout Glow Up series 2.

We should also put a *spoiler alert* alert in here, as we’re taking a look at Ophelia’s work across the whole season.

Screenshot: Glow Up S2 E1 – iPlayer

Ophelia’s Hong Kong inspired makeup

In the first episode, Ophelia took inspiration from her love of Chinese opera and home of Hong Kong.

This resulted in a stunningly dramatic makeup look, complete with a dramatic monochrome base adorned with neon lines. The use of neon was to reflect the neon lights of her home city.

Dominic Skinner called it “true makeup artistry.”

Glow Up season 2 takes to the stage

In episode 3, the Glow Up contestants took on the West End. They had to recreate makeup looks from the stage production of The Lion King and Ophelia smashed it out of the park.

Ophelia impressed so much with her interpretation of Mufasa’s makeup that she was chosen to assist the stage production.

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Screenshot: Glow Up S2 E3 – iPlayer

Ophelia’s makeup on the show

Not only does Ophelia impress with her Glow Up creations, she also has consistently impressed with the makeup she wears herself.

One of our favourite looks from Ophelia was in episode 5. In this episode, Ophelia donned a striking blue lip with a seriously sharp winged liner. Sharp lines are a signature of Ophelia’s and show off her technical ability.

Ophelia’s final Glow Up look

The theme for the final look was ‘evolution’ and Ophelia took inspiration from the creation of diamond. Diamonds are formed under a huge amount of pressure and so Ophelia created a makeup inspired by pressure and tension.

Ophelia also resonated with the idea of herself working through external pressures just like the diamond.

Anastasia Beverly Hill’s creator Anastasia Soare was the final guest judge.

Screenshot: Glow Up S2 E58- iPlayer



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