The latest unscripted Netflix show, Outlast, produced by Jason Bateman, sees “16 lone wolf experts” get dropped into the Alaskan wilderness. One of whom is Amber Asay, who has hopes that she will be the lucky winner who can outlast the rest.

However, it’s not enough to compete alone, contestant’s teamwork skills are put to the test. As the team rules state you can only survive as part of a pack, but who will Outlast the rest?

As the title suggests, the talented Outlast cast has to outlast each other, but does Amber Asay have what it takes to be the lone survivor?

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Who is Amber Asay on Outlast?

Amber is a 34-year-old survivalist who competes on Outlast after turning over a new leaf in her life.

Asay is from Phoenix, Arizona. She has had lots of difficult experiences to prepare her for Outlast, not only physically, but mentally too. Amber has now turned her life around after struggling with addiction problems. She also suffered a toxic relationship and was shot in the face by an ex-partner.

Asay feels that her past trauma has given her the strength to overcome anything hurled her way. She explained: “I feel as if my entire life experience has shaped me into a resilient, adaptable human being. What I have had to overcome in the past has shown me that with the right mindset, anything is possible.”

Amber Asay prepared for Outlast with grueling expeditions

As part of her healing journey, she traveled around the desert with a Shaman for three days. She took part in religious practice to start her healing journey. The Shaman would interact with the world of good and evil spirits as they performed the ritual and practice.

What is even more impressive is that Amber had absolutely no gear or equipment whilst out in the desert. However, she managed to survive and thrive, on the trip. Hopefully, the same will be said for Outlast, whilst she may not have a lot of gear with her; she will put her learned survival techniques to good use.

Amber has also explored the Enchantments in preparation for Outlast, as it is one of the most difficult treks in North America. Walking 26 miles in a day, Amber got experience within the Alpine Lakes Wilderness area of the Cascade Mountain Range. Although, we’re not sure anything could prepare her for the baltic Alaskan temperatures. As an avid thru-hiking expert, the long-haul walker is geared up for even the longest treks to the finish line.

Who else is in the Outlast cast?

Joining Amber on Outlast are sixteen other survivalists hoping for a chance to win the whopping $1 million cash prize.

Contestants competing on the show include Amber Asay, Angie Esparza, Corey Johnson, Javier Colon, Jordan Williams, Andrea Hilderbrand, Justin Court, Nick Radner, Paul Preece, Seth Lueker, Joel Hungate, Dawn Nelson, Jill Ashock, Lee Ettinger, Brian Kahrs, and Timothy Spears.

Outlast. (L to R) Nick Radner, Angie Esparza and Seth Lueker discuss in a tree house
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