Netflix’s newest survival show features 16 “lone wolves” who are dropped into the Alaskan wilderness to compete for the ultimate prize. How much is the Outlast prize money?

Outlast premiered on Netflix today, March 10. The show will feature eight episodes and binge-watchers will be over the moon to know that each episode will be released at once.

Fans are desperate to know more about the highly anticipated series before diving in and how much the prize money will be.

Paul Preece and Nick Radner in Episode 1 of Outlast creating a fire
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How much is the Outlast prize money?

The Outlast prize money is a whopping $1 million.

The one rule is that the participants must be a part of a team to win the competition, and get the money. They can’t compete alone, so the contestants must form teams. In fact, some of the Netflix cast become rivals, The money-hungry competitors will get eliminated if they are not part of a team which would also mean giving up the big bucks.

Outlast contestants have grueling conditions fo

The hefty win isn’t easy to obtain; participants will have to go through grueling challenges, as they are deserted in the Alaskan wilderness. Not only do they have to take on extreme weather conditions, but they also have to source their own food. If they can’t they will ultimately be left famished and parched. One contestant notes the difficult conditions. In a clip from the trailer, it shows the contestants don’t mind ‘playing dirty’ for the cash prize. One lone wolf can be heard saying: “I’m tired, I’m cold, I’m wet, I’m hungry,” says a contestant.

Another contestant can be heard saying in the new trailer “Nothing’s going to be ideal. I won’t survive without you guys.” This reiterates how important it is for contestants to work as a team. After all, the rules are: “You have to survive as a team, or you go home with nothing.”

The four teams will all set up camps in different locations, as they form unbreakable bonds and work as a team to win the prize money of $1 million. Interestingly nothing is set in stone and they can all change their teams at any point. Inevitably this will result in new alliances and unexpected betrayals. For others, the competition could get too much and they might just shoot their flares into the sky and pull out…

Jill Ashock in Episode 2 climbing up rocks
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Outlast’s intense trailer proves cash prize creates tension

The Outlast trailer also gives us a glimpse at the rivalries that form as tension rises. Of course, everyone wants to be in with the chance of winning one million pounds. This leads to many arguments, as seen in a clip from the trailer when one competitor likens the situation to Lord Of The Flies.

In an argument over food, one lone wolf – high school teacher, Nick Radner – tells their rival to “shut up and starve.” If you think that’s bad – It gets worse, as other contestants spoke about “cutting off heads and slicing throats.”

Paul Preece in Episode 1 of Outlast looking into the wilderness
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