We found Chef Pato Rodriguez on Instagram - meet the Street Food: Latin America star

Netflix is back with another instalment in its Street Food series. This time, they’ve headed to Latin America.

The food-meets-travel series first aired in April 2019, exploring the Street Food’s of Asia. Street Food: Latin America dropped to Netflix on Tuesday, July 21st and explores the food stalls from Mexico to Peru. But first, they head to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Chef Pato Rodriguez is featured in episode 1, along with her partner Romi. Viewers instantly fell head over heels for Pato and Romi, obsessing over everything from their love story to their cheesy cuisine.

So, for all the Chef Pato fans out there, we have some good news: we found Pato and Romi on Instagram! Find out everything you need to know about the Street Food: Latin America duo here.

Screenshot: Chef Pato Rodriguez in Street Food: Latin America E1 – Netflix

Who is Chef Pato Rodriguez?

Pato Rodriguez is a chef based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Although her family ran a shop in the market, it is Pato’s running of the stall which made it a super success.

Chef Pato changed the shops name from El Bar de Pato to Las Chicas de las Tres. The critically-acclaimed food stand is located in the city’s Central Market. She took over the family’s stall when it was on the brink of closure. Pato dropped out of college to do so, and it’s a good job she did!


At Las Chicas de las Tres, they are known for their cheesy tortillas; an oozing, OTT treat which has gained her stall recognition in the area. They also make pizzas and empanadas.

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Chef Pato and Romi

It wasn’t just chef Pato’s cooking skills which drew viewers to her, but her love story with Romi.

When Pato fell in love with Romi, she initially hid their relationship from her family. When they eventually learned of their daughter’s new relationship, the Rodriguez family did not approve. However, this turned around in time.

Romi now works at Las Chicas de las Tres making their famous cheesy tortillas alongside chef Pato.

Follow Pato and Romi on Instagram

If you want to keep up to date with the Argentine chef couple on Instagram to see what they’re up to in 2020, then we have all the details!

You can follow Pato and Romi on Instagram @laschicasdela3.

Given their popularity in Buenos Aires, it’s not surprising that they have over 7,900 followers as of publication date.




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