Perfect Match gives our favorite Netflix stars another chance at finding love, and Joey and Kariselle are giving their relationship a third try as they still coupled together despite not working twice on the outside world.

Timing isn’t always on your side, and you may reunite with your Perfect Match again sometime in the future, just like host Nick Lachey did with his wife Vanessa.

Joey and Kariselle have already given it two tries on the outside though, but will it be third time lucky?

Perfect Match’s Joey and Kariselle still coupled together despite not working on the outside

Of course, if you put a room full of successful Netflix stars together, some of them are bound to have crossed paths before. That was the case with Joey and Kariselle.

The pair had actually been intimate before the show. Of course, it all started in the DM’s, and the two then met in real life. The relationship became quite serious, and on the show, Kariselle confessed that The Circle winner even said he would marry her one day. Unfortunately, it went south after that.

Nevertheless, the pair tried a second time, but again it wasn’t meant to be. Will it be third time lucky on Perfect Match? The couple’s relationship already seems rocky on the show, so we’re not quite sure about that one.

We guess we’ll have to wait until the Perfect Match finale airs on February 28 to see if Joey and Kariselle are still together.

Kariselle isn’t the only one Joey knew before Perfect Match

It seems like Joey had been quite busy on the outside world, as not only had he had a relationship with Perfect Match cast member Kariselle but also with Too Hot To Handle star Francesca Farago.

However, Joey and Francesca didn’t carry on their relationship inside the Perfect Match villa, so it seems like there is something there between him and the Sexy Beasts star.

Plus, it seems like Francesca could do without the extra drama especially now that Damian Powers is making his entrance, we might be seeing a love triangle on the horizon.

Fans don’t think Joey and Kariselle are compatible

The show has only just started, but of course, fans are already taking to Twitter to express their opinions on this season’s couples. Unfortunately for Joey and Kariselle, it’s not looking good.

One fan tweeted: “Joey is a vibe. Kariselle is a vibe. I do not think they belong together but they are very likable as individuals.”



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