Farmer Kim Kyung-jin made an appearance on Physical 100, but unfortunately fell at the first hurdle when he was eliminated in episode 2.

Although the farmer didn’t last long on the show, he gained a lot of attention with many fans taking to Twitter to try and find Kim Kyung-jin’s Instagram account. Don’t worry, we have you covered!

We take a closer look at the farmer, his short time on the show, and his Instagram.

Who is farmer Kim Kyung-jin?

Kim Kyung-jin was in the fitness industry before he became a farmer.

He started off as a trainer and taught PE at a university. Now, he grows produce that’s good for people’s health.

Kim says his physique is what keeps his self-esteem up, and he joined the show as he wanted to show people how he can compete fair and square.

Kim Kyung-jin got knocked out of Physical 100 by Singles Inferno star

Kim Kung Jin faced Singles Inferno star Cha Hyun-seung in the one-on-one death match. It was a tough battle but in the end, it was Cha Hyun-seung who came out on top.

He said he chose to battle Hyun-seung as he had a smaller frame than him. Due to this, he thought he could beat the Singles Inferno veteran, but unfortunately, Kim’s plan backfired.

Unfortunately for Kim, the loss meant his time on Physical 100 was over, as were his chances of winning the 300 million won.

Although they were ‘fighting to the death’ the other spectators still couldn’t help but comment on how good-looking the pair both were, and it seems like viewers couldn’t either.

Meet the farmer on Instagram

Kim Kyung-jin can be found on Instagram @momjjangnongbu. At the time of writing, he has 11.4k followers.

The farmer posts a range of snaps, including his farming, selfies, and his family life.

Fans took to the star’s Instagram after seeing his appearance on Physical 100 but had their hearts broken when they realized he had a family.

One follower commented: “Daddy? He is married? God why?”

Another joked: “He has a child y’all. Retreat I said retreat.”



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