All kinds of people including YouTubers, bodybuilders, fitness models, and UFC fighters are all taking part in a brand new Netflix series in 2023. Let’s find out more about Elaine from Physical 100.

There are 100 contestants taking part in the show. Episode 1 sees them meet one another and also find a cast of their torso amongst everyone else’s.

Some of the show’s competitors are well known as they’ve appeared on other Netflix shows, national teams or YouTube channels such as Singles Inferno’s Cha Hyun-seung. Others have fans asking more questions about their background, so here’s more on Physical 100’s Elaine.

Who is Elaine?

Elaine Yuki Wong is a reality TV star and actress who is one of the 100 contestants taking part in Netflix’s Physical 100.

She is an actress from Singapore.

Per a Yahoo News report from 2012, Elaine is now in her thirties.

As well as acting, Elaine’s talents extend to blogging, modeling, and singing.

She was once set to become a member of KPop group Girl’s Generation but decided to drop out of the process. She was known as Yuki.

Elaine joins Physical 100

Elaine walked into Physical 100 wearing a white off-the-shoulder top, jeans, and heeled boots.

When she entered the room, she said that she “noticed the glances.”

Elaine added: “What is she doing here? What is she? I got that impression.”

She continued that she questioned whether she should have been there, adding: “This is bad.”

Physical 100 star is no stranger to TV

Judging by Elaine’s Instagram page, she has appeared on other TV shows before appearing on Physical 100.

She has posted snaps of herself on game shows on her page and can be found at @elainew__ on Instagram.

Elaine has almost 50k followers. She often takes to the ‘gram and shares photos of herself at the beach, enjoying coffee, spending time with friends, and her adorable dog, Sogeum, who has its own IG page.



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