Physical 100 contestant, trot singer Lee Dae-won, had the hardest challenge of all, a one-on-one death match with South Korea’s Iron Man Yun Sung-bin.

The contest is heating up and the latest two Netflix episodes saw the contestants whittled down to just 50 as the fight to the 300 million won gets much tougher.

We take a closer look into the trot singer and MMA fighter’s career before appearing on Netflix’s Physical 100.

**Warning: Spoilers ahead**

The trot singer on Physical 100

The limelight was on Lee Dae-won in Physical 100 episode 3 when he was picked to face the dreaded Yun Sung-bin in a one-on-one death match.

Yun Sung-bin may have thought he would be an easy opponent, however, the trot singer is also an MMA fighter, and said: “I don’t look very tough but I’m really not an easy opponent.”

Lee Dae-won has a slimmer frame than some of the males on the show, and he confessed that most people don’t think he even works out when they see him for the first time.

However, he says once he’s in the MMA cage, he has a different look in his eyes, a different mindset which most don’t expect.

Lee Dae-won’s career has no bounds

Lee Dae-won is a man of many talents, from MMA fighter to trot singer, he’s done it all, and then some!

In 2012, he debuted as part of the 5-member K-Pop group OFFROAD, however, the group split in 2017.

Dae-won then went on to make his solo debut in 2020 with the song Come to Oppa’s Home. 

He’s also no stranger to reality TV as he appeared as a contestant on Mr. Trot. The show is somewhat similar to Physical 100, where 100 contestants compete to become the next superstar to lead the trot wave.

As well as this, Lee Dae-won is well known in the MMA world, with many of the Physical 100 contestants recognizing him from his fights.

Episode 3 was the end of the road for the trot singer

Although he intimidated Yun Sung-bin with his MMA moves, including a Brazilian kick to the face, unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to beat the powerhouse.

The trot singer was confident going into the fight, as he had never lost a one-on-one match before, but it seems like there’s a first time for everything.

His technique was to keep running from the skeleton player and the other contestants described it as “a tiger hunting a rabbit.”

Unfortunately, Yun Sung-bin caught up to him, threw him to the side with just one arm and it was game over for Lee Dae-won.

He said it was a match he definitely does not want to experience again, but we’re sure the spectators would!



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