American football lends itself well to documentary series. The highs and lows of the game, the players at the heart of it and the school drama that ensues makes it a perfect blend of emotions and a riveting watch.

Peter Berg – creator of the OG American football movie Friday Night Lights – captured the essence of why the sport lends itself so well to documentary in his Netflix series QB1: Beyond the Lights.

Season 2 dropped early in 2018 and so fans of the show are already impatient that a third has not been released.

So when will QB1 season 3 be released? We’ve got all the info about the upcoming season, from its start date to what to expect and more.

Screenshot: QB1 S1 E1 – Netflix

Will there be a QB1 season 3?

The first two series of QB1 originally aired on Verizon’s now-defunct streaming platform, Go90, before it made the move to Netflix.

Complex Networks has been behind the production of the show since the first season and now have a licensing agreement with Netflix and Hulu. So although we did not get the third season on its usual release date, it is definitely in the works.

Digiday reported that “Season 3 will premiere later this year on Netflix” and it looks like we now have a confirmed release date!

QB1 season 3: Release date

Season 1 kicked off on February 13th, 2018 and season 2 on February 28th, 2018.

There was a clear filming schedule for both seasons which has changed due to the change in production hands, making some think we’d have to wait until early 2020 for a new season.

But fortunately for us, it’s actually just around the corner!


According to Variety, the third season of QB1: Beyond the Lights is going to be released on August 16th, 2019.

What to expect from the third season

So far, one new quarterback has been confirmed as the star of the third season.

Carson Beck, Mandarin High School’s quarterback, is confirmed on the show. Carson is currently rated as the no. 3 pro-style quarterback in the 2020 recruiting class and is committed to joining the Georgia Bulldogs.

But there are also two rumoured QBs for the next season of the show. They are Oklahoma Sooners signee Spencer Rattler and Kentucky Wildcats commit Nik Scalzo.

We would expect the third season to follow a similar pattern of following three QBs as they begin their journeys out of high school and into the world of semi-pro college football.




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