Netflix has spoiled us for sports dramas this summer, with the release of Last Chance U season 4 mid-July and now the third season of QB1: Beyond the Lights.

With a new season of QB1 back in our lives from Friday, August 16th means a whole new cast of superstar quarterbacks are about to become household names.

One of the three QBs featured on season 3, alongside Spencer Rattler and Lance LeGendre, is Nik Scalzo.

So who is Nik Scalzo and what’s in store for him this coming football season? Here’s everything you need to know about Nik from QB1: Beyond the Lights, from family and background to where he has committed.

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Nik Scalzo: Biography

Nik and his mum Amber, dad Jerry and sister Jensen are all from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

He currently is at Cardinal Gibbons High School, which will be featured in the QB1 documentary. Nik is rated one of Florida’s top-10 quarterbacks.

But Nik is not just talented on the field, he also has the brains to match. Nik has a 4.9 GPA and will surely pass college with flying colours.

How tall is Nik?

Height is an important factor in sports such as American football as the entire aim of the defence is to block the other team. The taller and bigger you are, the better.

Nik has repeatedly overcome people telling him he won’t be an elite college quarterback as he is too short.

At 6ft he is well under the average height of a quarterback which according to USA today is a little over 6 feet 3 inches.

But what Nik Scalzo lacks in height he makes up in determination. And as one of his football idols, Baker Mayfield, also was a smaller quarterback, Nik definitely has the inspiration to take him all the way.

Where has Nik committed to play?

Nik has committed to play for the University of Kentucky (UK) where he received a scholarship to play.

He impressed UK’s offensive coordinator Eddie Gran at a 2017 summer camp and he invited Nik to Lexington for this 2018’s Junior Day and the Spring Game.

And Nik is 100% committed to the team at UK, telling Kentucky Sports Radio: “I didn’t commit there just because it was my only SEC school (to offer). I actually believe that I can play there.”

Nik Scalzo: Instagram

To keep up to date with the latest on Nik you can follow him on Instagram @nikscalzo.

He already has a following of over 12,000 but we’re sure this is going to rocket after his appearance on QB1 season 3.

You can also follow Nik on Twitter where he posts all of his football updates.

Nik is also a keen vlogger and you can check out some of his videos on YouTube here.



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