One of Netflix’s most popular sports docu-series QB1: Beyond the Lights returned for a third season on Friday, August 16th of last year.

Season 3 saw viewers introduced to three more up-and-coming quarterback stars during their last high school football season: Spencer Rattler, Lance LeGendre and Nik Scalzo.

Each season that rolls around makes stars of the featured quarterbacks and there is always a lot of hype about what they will go on to do next. And after a particularly dramatic season resulting in the mysterious suspension of Spencer Rattler, there was more drama than ever to fill the show!

But what’s up next for QB1: Beyond the Lights and will they renew the show for a fourth season running? Here’s what we know about QB1 season 4 so far, including the lowdown on the first confirmed quarterback on the show.

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Will there be a QB1: Beyond the Lights season 4?

Unconfirmed, but there is evidence to suggest a new season is coming soon.

As of yet, there has still been no official word on the fourth season of QB1: Beyond the Lights. Its renewal status is still ‘pending’ according to TV Release Dates.

But as of August 28th, 2019, the first quarterback for the new series of the show has been revealed and Downrange Productions, Inc. got the greenlight to film in the school district. So there must be one in the pipeline.

The show has been immensely popular since it began back in 2017 and fans are been watching it religiously each season. It would be silly for Netflix not to continue on the series.

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First QB confirmed for the new season

The first high school football star to be revealed as a part of the fourth season is 17-year-old Anthony Richardson from Florida.

The Independent Florida Alligator, a student newspaper for the University of Florida (UF), was first to break the news on Anthony’s joining the QB1 family. Three-star dual threat QB Anthony is currently committed to UF.

Anthony will unusually be filming at two schools rather than one. He plays for Eastside High School’s football team but also is at the Professional Academies Magnet at Loften High School. Anthony will be graduating early from Loften in December 2019 to start his career at UF.

Eastside’s head football coach, Cedderick Daniels, has been working with Anthony as a QB over the past four years. Cedderick said: “It’s been an honour to have him… it goes beyond football. He’s a great athlete, but the thing that stands out most about him is that he’s a good kid.”

Follow Anthony on Instagram @anthony2ichardson or on Twitter @GVOaant.

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Anthony’s injury

After Anthony suffered an injury, it was reported that freshman backup Holden Johnson took over from Anthony.

An image tweeted by Gators correspondent Graham Hall showed Holden getting mic’d up during a game, suggesting that this actually has happened.

It is unconfirmed whether Holden will take over from Anthony for the entire season, but there are similarities from this event and last season of QB1, where two alternates took centre stage.

Second quarterback on the horizon

It’s unconfirmed whether he will appear on the series but camera crews have been following quarterback Bryce Young from California.

He is the No. 2 dual-threat quarterback in the 2020 recruiting class and has committed to Alabama.

Bryce already is Instagram verified and has nearing 40k followers, so it would be no surprise if he was the superstar featured on QB1 season 4. Follow him @_bryce_young

When would QB1 season 4 start?

The first season of QB1: Beyond the Lights was released on February 13th, 2017. The second was released just over a year later on February 28th, 2018.

But then season 3’s release schedule was pushed back until August 2019 for unknown reasons. Potentially relating to the Spencer Rattler case and the protective issues surrounding his ineligibility.

If they are to make another season of QB1 it is hard to say when they will release, but we would anticipate that QB1 season 4 would start summer 2020 – for production’s sake!

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