Since Queer Eye returned to Netflix with season 5 on Friday, June 5th, their romantic relationships have been thrust once again into the spotlight. As the Fab 5 are all champions of self-love with also some great relationship advice, it’s no wonder that viewers are curious about their own personal lives!

Some of the Fab 5 are married, others in newer relationships. Grooming and hygiene expert Jonathan Van Ness is the only member of the Fab 5 to be single, although there were some joke rumours circulating in 2019 that he and Antoni Porowski were a couple.

So, with Queer Eye back on our screens and the Fab 5 back in our lives, we thought it best to get to know them a bit better. Find out everything you need to know about the cast’s real life partners here!

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Queer Eye: Meet the cast’s real life partners

  • Antoni Porowski and Kevin Harrington
  • Karamo Brown and Ian Jordan
  • Tan France and Rob France
  • Bobby Berk and Dewey Do

Meet Tan France’s husband Rob

Tan has been married to Rob since 2007 and the couple have been very candid about their relationship in the spotlight.

Rob France is an artist as well as a paediatric nurse from Wyoming.

Both Tan and Rob bonded over growing up in religious households. Tan is Muslim and Rob is formally a Mormon. Speaking to The New York Post, Tan explained how this actually brought the couple closer:

It made it easier to date somebody who had similarities to me. I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke. We practice some of our religions’ practices. We don’t practice them all. We practice what works for us.

Find out more about Rob on Instagram and check out his artwork @robfranceillustration.

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Antoni’s boyfriend Kevin Harrington

In August 2019, Antoni parted ways with his Flipping Out star boyfriend, Trace Lehnhoff. But it didn’t take too long for love to come back into Antoni’s life.

Antoni was first linked to new boyfriend Kevin Harrington after Bette Midler’s annual Hulaween charity event in October 2019.

Antoni and Kevin went ‘Instagram official’ on December 1st, 2019. Ever since then they’ve been pretty public with their relationship and have even been quarantining together in Austin, Texas. So, it’s looking pretty serious for these two!

Karamo Brown and Ian Jordan

Karamo and Ian have been together for almost a decade now but Karamo only recently popped the question.

The 39-year-old Netflix star got engaged to the TV director, 48, in 2018. They set later the wedding for October 10th, 2020.

In May 2020, Karamo re-proposed to fiancé Ian Jordan after the couple was forced to cancel their wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The two are parents to two adopted sons: Jordan and Chris.

Bobby Berk and Dewey Do

Dewey and Bobby have been married for seven years now.

It is unknown exactly what Dewey Do does for a living, but PureWow did some digging through Bobby’s Twitter and found a major clue. In 2010, Bobby tweeted: “Checking out condos in Saigon, building is great! Also has a mall I can open a Bobby Berk Home in and that Dewey can open his medical spa.”

Although they’ve kept their relationships largely under wraps, there’s tonnes of cute couple pics on Bobby’s Instagram.



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