The Fab Five are back with more Queer Eye content than you could shake a stick at. And this time, they’re in Japan!

A brand new four-part series of Queer Eye landed on Netflix on Friday, November 1st and has already proven itself to be one of their best. Thoughtful and heartwarming moments which transcend the language barrier make this series all the more special.

The first episode of the new series set in Japan focussed on Yoko, a sweet nurse who stole the hearts of viewers everywhere.

So, who is Yoko? Where is she now?

Screenshot: Queer Eye: We’re in Japan! E1 – Netflix

Meet Yoko Sakuma

Yoko, or Yoko-San out of respect, is a 57-year-old hospice nurse living in Tokyo, Japan. She was nominated by her friend Fumiko.

Yoko was married once but her relationship fell through and they eventually divorced. Yoko’s Queer Eye profile said she “dreams of falling in love one day.”

Yoko runs Nurse Sakuma’s Hospice. She was inspired to start her own hospice after her sister passed away from pancreatic cancer. As her sister died in hospital, away from the comfort of home, family and friends, Yoko wanted to create an environment where people could pass on with dignity and peace.

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Yoko on Queer Eye

It’s no surprise that viewers fell in love with Yoko. She’s selfless, loving, and above all, adorable.

One of the cutest moments of Queer Eye history has to be her slow dance with Antoni Porowski after they baked an apple pie together.

At the end of the episode, Yoko had unleashed her confidence and had nailed the Audrey Hepburn style she was after. It was a serious emotional and physical transformation!

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What is Yoko doing now?

Many fans wanted to know what happened with Yoko after filming ended and luckily for fans, Refinery 29 got in touch with her and found out what she’s up to!

Taking lessons from the Fab Five, Yoko has found some time for herself in her daily life. She has scaled back the amount of time she spends working at the hospice. Yoko has also employed extra staff, meaning she gets more time to herself.

She told them in an email that she’s dating now and “looking for someone who can hold my hand.”