Queer Eye takes Netflix viewers to New Orleans in 2023. Season 7 dropped on May 12 and sees The Fab Five transform more hero’s lives. Karamo Brown discovered Speedy on TikTok and episode 3 of the show sees him on his Queer Eye journey.

Ray ‘Speedy’ Walker was born and raised in New Orleans. He’s in his early twenties and suffered a horrifying accident at the age of 18 in 2020.

Speedy had ambitions of becoming a motivator but was facing some difficulties when it came to social anxiety and confidence since his accident. The Fab Five were on hand to work through many aspects of his life.

Meet Ray Walker

Ray ‘Speedy’ Walker is the hero featured on Queer Eye season 7 episode 3.

He had ambitions in his younger days of becoming a professional basketball player. He said: “My ultimate goal was to take my mom out the hood.”

Ray’s nickname of Speedy came from a basketball coach he had. He said on the show that he has fond memories of playing on the court.

He also graduated sixth in his class, Speedy said he “made sure his grades were right” so that he could continue playing basketball.

Queer Eye star’s life changed at 18

On April 25, 2020, Speedy, his mother, and his aunt were in a tragic car accident.

Speedy’s mother, Eunique, and his aunt, Shanique, lost their lives in the crash.

The 18-year-old was airlifted from the scene after blacking out. He said: “I couldn’t move my legs, my whole body was numb, and it was burning.”

Speedy underwent spinal surgery and is now paralyzed from the chest down. He was told that he may not ever walk again after the accident.

The Netflix star’s accident happened during covid and he said during his recovery he was particularly lonely as he was unable to see his family.

Where is Queer Eye’s Speedy now?

As Karamo said during Queer Eye, he found Speedy on TikTok.

Speedy is still on the social media site with over 62k followers. He also has over 5k Instagram followers (@speedy4prezident) and a YouTube channel (@speedy4prezident395).

The Netflix star shares videos about his daily life on TikTok including how he pumps gas as a wheelchair user and much more.

His followers will also have seen Speedy enjoying experimenting with fashion on his page as well as his new apartment as seen on Queer Eye.

Taking to Instagram in 2023, Speedy wrote that his experience on the Netflix show was “life-changing,” adding: “The FAB 5 blessed me in so many ways and I’m so grateful to be part of the Queer Eye family.”


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