The brand new spin-off of Queer Eye in Japan has proven to be one of their best – if not the best – series ever.

Since it landed on Netflix on Friday, November 1st, the series has made stars out of the four nominated heroes.

So, what are the four Queer Eye Japan stars up to now? We’ve got updates on Yoko, Kan, Kae and Makoto!

Screenshot: Queer Eye: We’re in Japan! E3 – Netflix


Yoko Sakuma is a 57-year-old hospice nurse living in Tokyo, Japan. She was nominated by her friend, Fumiko, who wanted to bring some joy and colour back into Yoko’s life.

She runs the Nurse Sakuma’s Hospice, which she was inspired to start after her sister passed away from pancreatic cancer. Yoko had us all in floods of tears with her selflessness and loving nature!

But now, thanks to the help of the Fab Five, Yoko has realised she needs to direct some of that love inwards.

Speaking to Refinery29, Yoko said she has employed extra staff at the hospice so she can have some time to herself. She’s also back on the dating scene. Yoko said she is currently “looking for someone who can hold my hand.”

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Episode 2 of the new Queer Eye season featured 27-year-old Kan from Tokyo.

Kan has had one of the show’s greatest responses, as fans fell in love with him the world over. He now has over 21,000 followers on his Instagram @kanyonce!

Kan is currently embracing his new confident self, strutting around in the heels Jonathan left him and loving his boyfriend Tom freely. They’re definitely one of Queer Eye’s cutest couples ever.

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Kae Tanaka is a 23-year-old manga illustrator and artist who lives in Naka-ku, Yokohama.

While she was on Queer Eye, the Fab Five helped Kae with her confidence. Karamo even invited Japanese superstar Naomi Watanabe to give Kae some words of wisdom.

Kae continues to illustrate. Since appearing on Queer Eye: We’re in Japan! her Instagram following has more than tripled! Kae now has over 13,000 followers who all adore her artwork.


Check out Kae’s work on Instagram @kaechanha24 or follow her Tumblr account here.


Music-lover Makoto Chiba was the final hero featured this series. The 37-year-old wanted to transform from “a rock to a psychedelic flower” with the help of the Fab Five.

He also wanted to reignite the love and passion with his wife, Yasuko, as they had drifted apart.

Currently, the radio director is back in a thriving, happy relationship and Makoto is even making music again!

You can check him out on Instagram @chibamakoto, where he regularly posts snaps of his artwork and of Yasuko. Also head over to Makoto’s website, where he has posted his latest music.





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