Queer Eye season 4 dropped on Netflix on Friday, July 19th, so clear the rest of your weekend and prepare to binge-watch the best season yet!

The Fab Five are back for more makeovers and renovations, with more tears, laughs and iconic moments than ever before.

They take on more Americans in need of a serious life-over this season, but one makeover stuck out to viewers in particular: Episode 3’s Stoner family.

So where are Lucy and John Stoner now and how have their lives changed since John’s makeover?

We’ve got all the deets on their progress as the most fab daddy-daughter duo the show has ever seen!

Screenshot: Queer Eye S4 E3 – Netflix

Meet Lucy and John Stoner…

10-year-old Lucy is the youngest person to ever nominate someone to Queer Eye. And boy did her dad John need the nomination.

Single father John was living in a self-professed ‘frat house’ and in a mental health rut. Struggling to break out of his immature ways and fully support of Lucy, something needed to change.

The aim of the week spent with the Kansas City-based Stoner family was to have sports-loving, beer-drinking John to go to Lucy’s figure skating competition and feel involved with his daughter’s interests. Particularly as the other skater’s dads meet up each Sunday for brunch and bonding!

John’s Queer Eye makeover!

John Stoner did not resist the Fab Five from turning his life upside down.

Speaking to Karamo – who always knows how to get people opening up – John said: “I want to be there for Lucy longer in life than the trajectory I’m on currently.”

And the makeover wasn’t just about changing his diet, his clothes and the house, but about bonding him and Lucy. Cue the tears!

Seeing Lucy’s face light up as her dad took a real interest in her figure skating could melt even the coldest of hearts.

Screenshot: Queer Eye S4 E3 – Netflix

Where are Lucy and John now?

The father-daughter duo are happier than ever after their week with the Fab Five. And from John’s Instagram post we can see he is still rocking that slick beard trim Jonathan gave him.

From John’s Instagram, the Queer Eye makeover was done in October 2018. He shared pics of Lucy enjoying her fab new room in November 2018 and of the two of them bonding over baking just one week after the Fab Five had left them.

Eight months down the line and Lucy and John are still on great form.

The two of them have been bowling, baking and all sorts of fun activities together. They even went to a Daddy-Daughter Dance together in February 2019!

You can follow John on Instagram @jstoner44 for all the updates on him and Lucy.



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